You don’t care about fashion – Signs to support the statement

Are you fashionable?

For men who are called as attractive hunks with ample information about design and style, I may seem to be exhausting and not really stylish. Nonetheless, it isn’t significant that it really is the state that way.

It tends to be that my thought regarding style is not the same as theirs. I have been too bustling making my life immaculate with companions, family, vocation and a lot more things when others were concentrating on the fashion trends.

Discussing normal men like me and you, who even neglect to look over our hair before leaving for work since we realize that once you arrive, you would need to do it once more. Well, if you do this, this blog is dedicated to you.

I see you!! I understand that you have so many other things to do in life than looking fashionable. In fact, there are so many signs which prove that you DO NOT care about fashion. Let us take a look at those signs below.

Your wardrobe is full of old fashioned clothes and nothing trendy

To start with the basic, let us take a look at your closet and the wardrobe collection. Once you open your closet, what do you see?? Do you see the trendiest of outfit options or do you plain, old, and boring options.

When you take a close look, your collection only talks about plain t-shirts, straight-cut jeans, a pair of briefs as in your men’s underwear and nothing more than that. Well, this is a clear indication that you don’t care about fashion at all and depend on anything that you get.

You invest your time in spectacles rather than spending time applying contact lens

So, you wear spectacles? I do too. There have been numerous times when I went for an eye checkup and they suggested me to wear contact lens. Well, that’s because my eye color is unique and spectacles hide the charm of the same. I finally bought a pair of contacts but I haven’t worn it yet.


Well, you can call that laziness. Do you feel too tired to wear those contact lens every day to work or college? You need a ton of time and persistence to put it up and much more tolerance while taking them out.

It is quite a lot more helpful to convey your specs wherever you go and you don’t have to stress that they may aggravate your eye. Exceptional cases avoided! For instance, conditions such as a wedding or any festival. I still prefer to wear my specs in the time of need.

You reach out to first thing you see in the closet

This happens with me all the time and every day as well. Standing in front of the closet is something I do on a regular basis and standing still waiting for deciding what to wear. All the time spent in front of the closet goes in vain because I end up wearing something that is practically within my reach.


I am sure that I am not the only one who does the same exercise every day because searching that overloaded closet which is not organized in any form is more like a dungeon with no end and finding anything in it is a waste of time. Don’t you reach out to the closet clothing article?

Shopping makes you lazy

Have you been wearing the same old clothes like forever? When was the last time you shopped? Well, when fashion doesn’t excite you at all, shopping feels more like an unnecessary task that you don’t want to do or spent plenty of time behind it.

Shopping is a tiring job for you and you only buy clothes when you start seeing your outfits with the wear and tear. You see holes, stitching coming off and other signs that make you discard the old clothes and buy new ones.

You don’t spend hours packing for a weekend trip

So, your friends have planned a small weekend trip and you’re going to join them? Well, you might be too busy that you didn’t get time to pack for the trip.

In that case, you’re not too fashionable too that you need a LOT of time to do the same. You must have seen ladies taking suit bags for a momentary journey and men requiring some serious energy in choosing which garments to keep.

Then again, you take no time in hauling out garments from the pantry and tossing it in the knapsack. Of yes! Rucksack! A couple of pants, 2-3 shirts and a few mens underwear for the adventure.

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