Why Won’t My Laptop Turn On? Troubleshooting The Most Common Causes

Nobody wants to find out that their laptop won’t turn on. But before you start thinking that your computer is dead and start shopping for laptop specials in Cape Town, you can do a few simple checks to determine why the laptop won’t work – and if it can be saved! Learn more below.

  1. The Laptop isn’t Charged

This one may be obvious, but it’s still a good thing to check and see if your laptop will actually turn on when it’s connected to power. Remember that, even if you don’t use your laptop for a few days, its battery will continue to lose its charge, which can result in the laptop not turning on. Plug the laptop in and wait a bit to see if it charges up and turns on.

  1. The Battery, Charger, Or Charging Port Isn’t Working

Your battery could be a problem if your laptop will turn on when it’s connected to the power cord but turns off immediately when you remove it. Consider removing and replacing the battery to check if this is the issue.

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If the laptop won’t charge, the power supply itself may be the issue. Check that cable is connected properly to your charging port. You may want to buy a new charger to replace your current charger, particularly if it looks worn-out or damaged.

If the charger is not the problem, it may be an issue with the charging port where the charger attaches to your laptop. If this port breaks or is damaged, your laptop won’t charge properly, and it may not even work when it’s plugged in. You’ll need a professional to repair it.

  1. The Computer Display is Faulty or Failing

If you can hear that your laptop is on because it’s making whirring noises, or you can hear noises when you click the mouse and press buttons on the keyboard, but you don’t see anything on the screen, this is likely the issue.

The cables that connect your laptop’s display to the rest of the computer may have failed, or the display itself may have died, and it will need to be replaced.

  1. The Laptop Is Overheating

Most laptops are built to prevent overheating by shutting down when heat levels get too high. If your computer shuts off when it gets really hot and won’t turn back on, this is probably what’s happening.

You may need to clean the inside of the computer to remove dust from its vents and avoid using the computer on soft surfaces like beds, pillows, or blankets. There is a chance that 1 or more vent cooling fans may not working and need to be replaced.

  1. An Internal Component Has Failed

computer repairIf internal components like the hard drive, CPU, or motherboard fail, the computer may not turn on, even if it’s charged and working properly otherwise. You will need a PC repair expert to diagnose this issue, and to determine if the faulty component is worth replacing, or if you should just get a new laptop.

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