Planning your time and creating space for yourself

We often hear how celebrities wish to have their old lives back after all the clouts. This is because, as the population is growing; the activities of man are growing too, many demands coming up. And for them in the spotlight, it is more difficult to have personal time or personal space.

Why is Personal Space Important?

If these people will wish to give up everything to go back to a normal life, this should tell you how important planning your time and creating space for yourself is.

As long as civilization continues to encroach humanity, time and space will also continue to get higher and higher on the premium. And it is only who knows how to plan their time well will enjoy this growing civilization.

Defending your Personal Space

Life is getting busier and the hustle much more real. A thousand years ago human beings were working, trying hard to cover the boundless space of land that stretched forth in front of them.

Today, the struggle is to create space and time. Unlike before where a typical day of a man would involve a bit of conversation, undoubtedly some, loving, maybe a little fighting, certainly hunting and gathering. The contrast today is clear; one person runs 3 jobs a day so that they can pay bills.

As a result, there are only a few people with complete control over their time. Balancing work and personal life have revolved to be more difficult even with the production of machines by technology to make work easier and faster.

While technology tries to cover up in one area it sometimes creates room for another challenge. For instance, now that we have our cars to drive to work, we have to create time to jog or visit the gym to exercise the body deliberately.

So, in pursuit of a career, some have given up their personal space, lives and there are others who have given up careers because they can’t balance their personal lives and work.

Having experienced both situations where I have had no time for myself at all (when I ran three jobs) and where I have just been idle (I lost all the three).

I can say this; under such pressure, it is easy to lose sight of priorities.  And when you lose sight of what should be the priority, productivity is packed down.

women spending time alone
Why Do We Need Have Personal Space?

In the modern-day where spending time alone looks like a waste of time, a little hours sleeping is like something is passing you by, we just have to move very fast and keep moving (it’s the standard of the day).

We find out that there are more mental issues, it is one of the reasons why the percentage rate of depression is growing, and many heart-related problems are being recorded.

To avoid this kind of situation, it is important to check your relationship with time.

Privacy is a very real need, not a luxury. Taking time out of your 24hr to relax, meditate or even exercise is a good thing to give to yourself.

Within this moment, you can withdraw into your personal space and have a rethink of how things are moving, what things you have made a priority and if there are the right priorities.

It is not realistic to devote all your waking hours to your job and not affect other areas of your personal life. Creating time for you and your pattern to relax, resolve problems, and share one another’s daily experience.

Too little time together may cause unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding. You will agree with me that there are more relationship problems this day, which some of them shouldn’t even be.

You should also not feel guilty at all to take time alone reading, exercising, and listening to music ♫. While taking time alone you can get into your thoughts to help you be a better person for yourself and the people around you.

  • To know if you are planning your time well, ask yourself some of these questions
  • Am I spending all my time in the company of others with no time alone?
  • How much time am I making for the family?
  • Do I intentionally make time for my partner?
  • How much time do I spend alone?
  • Do I accomplish my task in time?

Many times in my life where I wished my day was more than 24 hours so that I could have some time for myself. Has someone else ever thought this way? Dear sis, creation has been done already. You just have to create the time for yourself from the 24 hours.

Sometimes people may come to chip in on your time making demands for you to help them run some task. If it becomes frequent without them being sensitive to how much it costs you, you will have to say no.

You have to learn how to say “No” without compromising the integrity and also not tempering with relationships in other to create space for yourself.

Stress and Personal Space

How do you balance time when you have too much on your hands?

Boredom can be more stressing and frustrating at times than a busy schedule. So if you have so much time on your hands what do you do to keep your sanity and drive.

Especially when life does not turn up the way you planned it to and then leaves you with too much time one you hands that you feel no longer useful. It is important to check it as well

I left my auxiliary job because I was expecting a better one but something happened, I didn’t get it. So you see where I stood. I spent so much time in my bed when my roommates are out to work, more earnings for them and less for me. I was almost getting frustrated until I took on to use that spare time to learn a handiwork.

When you have a lot of time on your hand, you can take up a new hobby, you can learn a new skill, and you can join some volunteer organizations to keep you busy. There you meet with people who are able to give you a vibe to go forward.

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