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Apple iPhone 11 Cases & Cover from Amazon

The manufacturers of iPhone cases are in such a hurry to have their new models available that sometimes they arrive even before the new iPhone. The launch of a new iPhone is the search for new cases to protect it. The phone case also gives a personal touch to your iPhone that allows you to distinguish your iPhone at a glance.

Best Phone Cases for iPhone 11 Models

Since the search for the perfect case is sometimes a complicated task, we have made a selection of the best phone cases that you can find for any of the three models of the new iPhone: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Modern, aggressive, classic, leather, maximum protection… you will surely find the one you were looking for.


NOMAD Rugged Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Nomad offers us a collection of phone cases in which the skin is the protagonist, but with a high level of protection. Thanks to the combination with TPU edges, It cushions any fall. The skin they use is of the highest quality, and they have models in brown or black colours:

  • Rugged: classic back cover with fall protection of up to 183 centimetres
  • Folio: Same protection against falls but with a front cover with three card slots and one for bills.
  • Tri Folio: with a double cover that wraps your iPhone, four card slots and two for tickets, without forgetting the protection of the previous ones.
  • Active Leather: same design as Rugged but using a skin with a special treatment that makes it waterproof (does not make iPhone resistant, just the case). Ideal for those who “mistreat” their phone cases with liquids, moisture, sweat, etc.

Urban Armor Gear

urban armor gear iphone case
Urban Armor Gear iPhone Case

UAG offers us phone cases with a radically different style. With a very industrial design, more modern and with very high protection standards. The brand has renewed its most successful models:

  • Plasma: with a stronger housing and a softer core, the corners of this case are reinforced for greater impact protection, complying with army standards.
  • Monarch: five layers of protection, made of premium leather and metallic elements, has an exceptional grip, large buttons and doubles the requirements for the standards of the American army. Your trust is such in this case that they give you 10 years of warranty.
  • Plyo: Very similar to the Plasma case but with a cleaner design that allows you to visualize the back of your iPhone.
  • Pathfinder: In this case, you have a completely opaque and available in a wide variety of colors, the protection is also military-grade, and its design does not go unnoticed.

You have an extensive catalogue of UAG phone cases for the new iPhone on Amazon.

What Should I Look For In iPhone Cases?


Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro Case
Mujjo Full Leather Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro

If you like Apple leather cases, you have to try Mujjo’s.

Its skin is of great quality, its design very similar to those of Apple, but its resistance is higher and its price lower. They also have a slot in the back for cards.

Available for all variants of the new iPhone, you already have them available on Amazon.

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 11


Moshi iGlaze for iPhone 11 Pro Case
Moshi iGlaze for iPhone 11 Pro Case – Amazon

The Moshi cases have a very refined design and an innovative system that makes them compatible with the magnetic “Snap To” brackets that will allow you to fix the iPhone to the compatible brackets without hooks of any kind, only with the magnetic force. It has several very interesting models:

  • Overture: it is a case and at the same time, a wallet with two card slots and a compartment for effective design. Made of vegan leather, the case can be separated from the wallet case whenever you want and offers military-grade protection.
  • iGlaze: the perfect combination between design and protection, with a metal frame and the “brushed” aspect of the back, both black and white are spectacular.
  • Altra: an embossed case that has a wrist strap, for those who want to carry their iPhone in their hands without the risk of falling. Also, there are optional straps for the body, and thus have hands free.

All of their housings have a lifetime warranty, and you have them available on Amazon.


OtterBox Case for iPhone 11
OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES Case for iPhone 11 – BLACK

When we talk about protection, we talk about Otterbox without the slightest doubt. Its catalog that you cover is full of an infinity of models that protect from “much” to “everything.” It is very difficult to list the models they have because we would never end, but I can tell you that my favorites are:

  • Defend A real tank that will prevent any damage to your phone, with protection against falls, dust, and dirt. The perfect case for when you should not carry the iPhone on top.
  • Symmetry: perfect for everyday life, without worries because your little ones have taken the iPhone. Light, thin and comfortable to wear, it is the perfect purchase.
  • Strada: if you are more classic and you like the skin but you don’t want to give up protection, the Estrada case with its front cover is what you are looking for, with its classic card slots.

You can see these and many other cases on the Amazon website.


PEEL Ultra Thin iPhone Xs Case
PEEL Ultra Thin iPhone Xs Case

For lovers of virtually imperceptible phone cases, Peel is the best option. They are high-quality phone cases, something important in this type of case so thin and delicate that they can be broken just by trying to remove it, with Peel you will not have this problem.

Indeed, they do not protect against significant falls, but they do prevent damage from normal telephone use, such as scratches and scratches. They are available in a wide range of colors, transparent, translucent, and opaque.

Twelve South BookBook

Book for iPhone 11 Pro
3-in-1 Leather Wallet Case with Display Stand and Removable Magnetic Shell (Black)

We finish with a classic one. Twelve South BookBook design stands out among the crowd. Whether you like or not, it never runs out of style. It also offers high protection to your iPhone.

It has card slots and the possibility to put your iPhone in landscape mode to display multimedia content. For us, it is a “must-have” in any case selection. You can find it on the Amazon website.

So, which case you think the best to have? Let us know in the comment below!

iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

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