What One Week of Bold Makeup can Do for Your Confidence

Makeup artists suggest you wear makeup you’re comfortable with. After all, if you don’t like the way they sit on your face and you hate looking in the mirror, makeup’s role of making you look good has already failed. However, the products you think are best for your features could still do better.

That’s where a little bit of experimentation comes handy. Give yourself a week of bold makeup looks and you will notice changes in the way you do your makeup later on.

You Try New Combinations that Work for Your Features

You always go for the cream, brown, and gold combination of eyeshadows for a natural look. You think it’s the safest palette choice, as it can go with anything and you can be bold with the lipstick of the day.

However, there are still different ways to use those combinations that will make the finished look more dramatic, which is appropriate for nights out with friends. Try adding one colorful eyeshadow. A little bit of pink, red, violet or even blue can give your eyes a little boost.

You Learn from Unexpected Compliments

Women who like to wear safe colors don’t want to attract attention to themselves. You may not feel confident in your makeup skills, and even though you spend time on face toner online shopping, you don’t think you have enough knowledge to talk to someone about your makeup routine.


Wearing bold makeup with open up those conversations you initially dread, but they will most likely come in the form of compliments.

This helps you develop confidence in your skills. You might even be surprised with how much you actually know about makeup now that you’re entertaining conversations.

You Develop Enough Confidence to Experiment

You’ve shown the world you can wear bold colors–even if you just followed someone else’s tutorial on YouTube. After a week of trying on different looks, you’ll pick up some tips along the way.

Use these tips to come up with your own bold palette and wear them proudly. You’ll learn what works for your features, and you’ll know how changing one color to another can give you a more dramatic look.

The new looks you create on your own will show all these newly acquired skills.

It’s good to have a safe makeup look to fall back on. However, it doesn’t hurt to go out of your comfort zone from time to time.

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