Learn How to Use Your Makeup Brushes as Pro

Unless you’re a make-up professional, knowing the usefulness of each make-up brush is impossible. To know how to use makeup tools to perfection, you need the best advice. There are four makeup brushes that are essential: a brush for the complexion, a brush for the blush, a brush for the makeup and a brush for the gradients.

Use your brush for the Complexion

Applying its liquid foundation with a brush allows a better application of the material and optimal coverage. It is easier to apply a foundation brush with his fingers, first because it avoids getting dirty hands and especially because we lose less material.

Do not forget to put a base or blur to smooth the skin and protect it. You can apply it to the fingers as a day cream or with the brush for the complexion.

To properly apply your foundation with a brush:

  • Gently apply a skinny layer of the material over the face by inserting the fabric within the center, on the forehead, nose, and chin.
  • Then stretch the material to the outside of the face and neck making wide and continuous movements to avoid demarcations. If you have tied hair, do not forget to give a little brush on the ears!

How to use a Precision Brush?

  • The precision brush is a long flat makeup brush with a tapered tip. It is ideal for applying powder and blush with precision to secure the foundation.
  • Its sculpted head makes it possible to perfectly apply the powder to certain areas of the face such as the wings of the nose or the middle of the eyebrows.
  • Put powder on both sides of the brush and apply it everywhere, evenly. Have a light hand so as not to dull the complexion.
  • This 2-in-1 brush is also used to apply blush thanks to its tapered shape. Which is not the case of a round brush that could make you two pink spots on the cheeks?
  • Blend off the excess material on the back of your hand. The tricks of the pro Draw an imaginary line between the top of the ear and the corner of the mouth and apply the blush above this line. Never underneath it to avoid slumping your face.

The flat brush for eye shadow

  • The flat brush is an essential brush for the eyes. It is simply used to apply makeup powder texture, cream but also glitter!
  • Choose it thick enough to take the material well and for a uniform application.
  • Before intensely applying your eyeshadow, blend your flat brush to prevent pigments from falling under your eyes and cheeks. If it does not panic, just take your brush precision and “sweep” the underside of the eye.

Because of the complexion makeup, eye makeup or lip makeup, you have to be well equipped and also at the same time you need to follow the buyers trend as well to see what and how exactly people are doing makeup nowadays.

Use a ball brush to fade

  • With the flat brush, it’s the other essential to have in his make-up kit to make up his eyes.
  • Melting materials are the key to makeup. The ball brush can blur the makeup for a nice result.
  • But above all, it’s a must-have to make smoky-eyes and avoid the panda look!

Essential Makeup Accessories and Tools

What are the accessories that you absolutely must have in your make-up kit? What make-up brushes to buy? What is a kabuki brush? How to properly store and maintain your makeup? We tell you everything about makeup brushes, kit, and other make-up tools to absolutely have.

  • Makeup brushes, your perfect make-up allies

You have the right foundation, the eye shadow palette of your dreams and the highlighter that suits you but nothing to apply them? We tell you everything to choose the brushes suitable for your makeup.

  • Which makeup brushes to choose and how to use them?

Kabuki, blush, illuminator, corrector, shader, stencil, eyeliner, eyebrows, lips … Each brush has its function and its way of being used.

For lazy people who do not want to choose brush by brush, discover our selection of the best brush kits to less than 15$.
And if not, you are told which dyed brushes to choose for a perfect complexion.

How to use his eye brushes, special Smokey eye or not, and what are the ideal tools to draw his eyebrows. Not to mention the brushes for lip makeup of course!

How to tidy up makeup?

When we have quality material, we take care! This must be your credo for storing your makeup.

  • The essential make-up kit

There are the incorrigibles of the makeup bag. Perfect when you use especially essential make-up: foundation, loose powder, mascara, and lipstick … All in one and the same pouch for easier to take everywhere.
Once the ideal pouch is chosen, do not forget to clean it regularly. Like makeup brushes, we clean their container to avoid imperfections on the skin.

  • Our storage ideas make-up

There are also beauty addicts who have all the uncover, Too Faced and co. They need a lot more space to store their treasures.

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