What are the Pillars of a Modern HR Software

Modern HR Software – Tool for Human Resource Management

The latest trend in the business world is the adoption of HR Software solutions. This was much sought as the conventional approach was mundane, demotivating and counter-productive as HR profile involves a big load of clerical formalities. The HR Software provides an easy platform to quickly manage all employee-related management functions and also helps in building policies for better serving organizational interests.

Thus, before investing in an HR software solution, here’s what you need to look for in a dedicated HR technology for your organization. The businesses are pretty enthusiastic about this technological advancement in the HR domicile and are aggressively looking for them.

  • Accessibility

The aspiring businesses operate from multiple locations and have staff who are constantly travelling from one place to another for office purposes.

This is well contained by the Software as a Service SaaS-based HR Software as the administrator can access the system from their location irrespective of the location of operation. The employees can use the system from the comfort of their own devices from their respective locations inside or outside the office at the time of their convictions.

The benefit in terms of commerce is that the scalability offered doesn’t require you to pay extra for using your software from different locations. You only need to pay for the number of resources you use as the vendor charges for the number of employees without any bindings.

A Company dealing with consultancy establishments can use the software for timekeeping of the employees engaged on the client end. Thus, accessibility provided by the over-the-cloud HR solutions not only provides ease of management but also helps cut down the cost of operation.

  • Automation & Integration

The benefit of using such dedicated technologies is that they automate all of the processes which require intensive human attention and manual processing.

For instance, Payroll Processing is one area that consumes almost 50% of HR’s time and efforts. But with the integration of various modules such as the Leave and Attendance Module, Travel and Expense Claim Management Module, Performance Management System, etc can help to run a virtually zero error payroll.

It not only beneficial for employee welfare but also important from the compliance point of view. The Indian taxation structures are one of the most difficult ones to deal with and require seasoned professionals to safeguard against legal prosecution and penalization. This is widely sought by employers who have corporate or partnership structures and especially listed firms as they have to face regulatory authorities.

  • Employee-centric approach

Most of the HR professionals struggle in employee engagement and retention. The ESS Portals help employees address their concerns on a centralized platform.

The reporting managers and the HR can get the applications in real-time and they are notified when they fail to address the issue by the predefined time. The employees can also download their payslips and submit investment/loan proofs using the portal.

A Performance Management Systems help the management to track the struggling employees and provide them with necessary pieces of training.

The Self-Onboarding Modules can reduce the induction costs as the HR can handover the system to the new hire who shall see all the company literature and fill forms along with submitting mandatory proofs as demanded by the employer.

The reporting features not only benefit from the financial accounting purposes but also makes it easy for the management to estimate the collective competency of the organization.

It also improves decision making as the information provided is in the form of facts and figures devoid of speculations and intuitive judgments.

One best advantage of such solutions is that they build a work culture where transparency, accountability, and autonomy drive the organization with minimum importance given to the formalities involved in the processes.

Thus, the basic pillars of the HR Software emphasize the cost-conscious yet efficient automation of processes where employees and employers act as the joint stakeholders of the organization and put in collective efforts to make the most out of the opportunity offered by technology.

The Indian subcontinent is pretty suitable as these solutions have scalability and have flexible payment structures. The use of SaaS-based hr software is going to increase in the days to come.

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