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User Generated Content and Its Rising Importance in Digital Marketing

According to experts, Using User-Generated Content (UGC) will be a game-changer digital marketing strategy for 2019 for almost every kind of business be it physical or online only! In this article, I am providing intense limelight on user-generated content marketing and how to leverage it for business marketing digitally.

What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

UGC refers to any type of content which is created by user’s or customers rather than marketers and this is the reason why it is turning out to be the best strategy to market the product or service along with increasing the brand trust and loyalty.

User-generated content can be anything, be it video, images, text reviews and everything else which is created by users, not marketers.

How to Leverage User Generated Content for Marketing?

Coke’s #ShareACoke, One Plus’s #ShotOnOnePlus, Apple’s #ShotOnIphone, etc are the best examples of brands leveraging User-generated content marketing.

These top brand campaigns have encouraged users to post different types of content about these brands on social media which have turned out to be the best marketing strategies for these brands.

Benefits of User-Generated Content Marketing

There are a number of benefits of UGC marketing that is encouraging every sort of business to use it. Let’s look at them one by one!

#1 Increases Brand Trust

What can be better than your customers talking about you rather than you talking about your product or services every time! Using UGC increases brand trust and loyalty among your users because mouth to mouth marketing is the best marketing practice since ages.

#2 Cost-Effective

Running a hashtag campaign and using that UGC for marketing is really cost-effective, no promotion cost, no creation cost you just have to monitor the UGC and showcase the good ones among your audience. #ShotOnIphone is the best example of this!

#3 Can Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts

Using UGC can boost up your email marketing performance. Using UGC in e-mailers have increased the open rates and conversions according to the studies.

#4 It’s Compelling

User-generated content is the most compelling form of content any marketer can because you don’t have to brag about the greatness of your brand’s performance, the audience is saying it themselves!

#5 Rocketfire Your Social Media Reach

User-generated campaigns will increase your social media reach and will rocket fire the performance for sure, people are trying to reach to your brand on social media by themselves after all!

How to Craft a User Generated Content Marketing Campaign?

To start with your user-generated content marketing campaign you have to think a little creatively, identify how the user can talk about your brand and how you can leverage it! Encouraging users to post reviews about your product or services is the best and easiest strategy.

Steps To Run a UGC campaign

#1 Encourage

UGC campaigns start with encouraging the audience to post about you, this is the most important step because nobody posts for anyone without any reward or benefit, until and unless you are a brand like Apple where people create million of UGC just to leverage the brand popularity among their circle.

#2 Collect

If You users have started creating UGC the next step is to collect all of this data and using content aggregators like social media aggregator is the best possible option for this.

#3 Moderate

Although Social Media content aggregators come with a moderation panel these days where you can automatically moderate content, still manual moderation is also required when you are planning a global marketing campaign.

#4 Showcase

After you collect and moderate your customer-generated content it’s time to showcase it, you can showcase it on your social media accounts, embed it on the website or even use it to increase engagement in your events!

Tips to Use User Generated Content

You can leverage your user-generated content marketing in many different ways:

#1 To Showcase it on the website

You can use UGC to showcase it on your business website to increase trust factor and boost sales eventually.

#2 Office Displays

User-generated content (UGC) can also be used on office screens to showcase the brand popularity.

#3 Event Screens

UGC is being used by almost every event planner to increase engagement among event attendees.

#4 Emails

You can embed UGC in your emailers for the betterment of your email marketing efforts.

So this was it, everything which you should have known about user-generated content marketing campaigns.

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