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What is the Purpose of Outdoor Stair Nosing?

A beautiful home is not complete without adding elegant-looking stairs. It completes the look of your home as well as serves the purpose of connecting your ground floor to the other floors. However, most people only get to see the final rendering of the stairs. They do not understand that there are many components that get installed with the basic construction to improve safety and the look. In this blog, we are going to discuss one such component that is crucial for your safety: Outdoor Stair Nosing. We will describe what is stair nosing and illuminate the purpose of that structure.

What is Outdoor Stair Nosing?

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A stair nosing is a small piece of material attached to the edge of a step. This is a standard practice used by builders and property owners to prevent people and pets from slipping on the steps.

The nosing is typically made from aluminum or vinyl. Most people confuse stair treads & stair nosing. But the stair nosing is often installed on top of the tread and comes covered with a decorative material like copper or marble.

Some stair nosing is even made to look like a handrail, which adds to the decorative appearance of the stairway.

Stair nosing is often used in residential and commercial staircases but you can also find them on steps of any height, from a single step to a multi-story building.

Stair nosing is a safety feature but is also a decorative feature. There are also different types like interior and outdoor stair nosing.

Types of Materials Used in Outdoor Stair Nosing

  1. Copper Nosing:

It is a strong and durable material. Copper nosing is often used to cover the edge of steps. It is usually attached to the tread with screws. It is a great material for adding a custom look to a step, and it is easy to install. Copper nosing is not recommended for outdoor use and in areas with a lot of moisture, as the copper will rust.

  1. Aluminum Nosing:

Similar to copper nosing, Aluminium nosing is also a popular option and is a durable material. The primary reason for its popularity is because it comes at a very low cost. Both aluminum stair treads & stair nosing are inexpensive and durable at the same time. Moreover, it also comes in a variety of colours.

  1. Vinyl Nosing:

A relatively easy material to install and customize. Moreover, they provide excellent weather resistance that makes them suitable for both interior and outdoor stair nosing. Most people like the simple finish of a vinyl material that looks classy and elegant.

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Purpose of Outdoor Stair Nosing

Here is a simple question for you. Why do you want to install a stair nosing? The following are the common reasons why people install a nosing and why the government and contractors advise you to do so.

  1. Improves Safety:

The primary purpose of both interior and outdoor stair nosing is to improve the safety of stairs. Not just for people but also for pets. They provide an extended area in which you can step on quite freely. It helps provide a non-slip surface for the stairs/steps.

Stairs with nosing prevent the most common cause of injuries and fatalities: Slipping. In case of places where there is heavy rainfall, you can add a flat extruded aluminum & abrasive insert to prevent slipping. Some industries even use rubber to provide grip on watery stairs.

  1. Adds an aesthetic appeal:

The other reason for you to install stair nosing is for decorative purposes. You can choose from various stair nosing types: Pencil round, square, hemispherical, no overhang, etc. These options let you match your stair nosing with the overall look of the house.

  1. Improves visibility:

Many people misjudge the appearance of a step. Since all steps in a stair are of the same colour, it becomes a little tough to distinguish. But, when you install stair nosing you can greatly improve the visibility of the steps.

There’s an extended surface that clearly highlights each step. This aspects particularly helps the elderly step down carefully from the stairs.

  1. Protects from damage:

Imagine that you haven’t installed any stair treads & stair nosing. The stairs are just pure concrete or wood. After constant use, the stair is going to wear out very soon and it will definitely lose the aesthetic appeal it once had.

But, if you install a stair nosing, you can prevent that from happening. Research indicates that, when pedestrians walk on the stairs, they walk on the stair treads & stair nosing and not directly on the staircase surface.

So, even if it gets damaged, you can readily replace the stair nosing without having to repair the base construction. Moreover, there is no need to replace the entire staircase’s nosing. You just have to replace the ones that got severely damaged.


Stair nosing can provide you with a lot of benefits. It can protect you from injuries and it can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. It also helps to prevent the staircase from getting damaged.

Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive to install and the homeowners can do it themselves(Although we recommend using professionals). So, if you’re planning to install a stair nosing, don’t delay.

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