What are Deluxe Slots?

Have you Heard About Deluxe Slots?

Have you ever wondered what deluxe slots mean? Or do you take deluxe slots for a free slot? Deluxe slots aren’t fully free slots. They are interesting, captivating, thrilling, fun, and mysterious slots.

They are free social gaming slots that do not offer real money. You can open a deluxe slot, and you will be offered millions of coins for a start. No matter what you win or prices gotten from the slots, they cannot be converted to real money. Deluxe Slots are an advanced version of older slot machines. This slot is often improved in terms of graphics, themes, gameplay, and pay lines. Let’s take a look at the types of deluxe slots available.

Downtown Deluxe Slot

Downtown Deluxe Slot allows players to play on the go with some of the best thrilling slot machines you can ever think of. The slot offers amazing bonus games, quality graphics and soundtrack, top-notch themes, and new machines weekly to the long list of existing games.

Downtown Deluxe also features reels like scatters, multipliers, cherries, and lots more. Not to talk of the huge credit system that will keep you coming back for more.

This slot also has the biggest jackpot, huge reels with 777 slots mega win. What more do you wish for when the largest paying Vegas 777 can be played on mobile without the internet. Customers can also log in with Facebook to win more free coins.

VIP Deluxe Slots

This slot welcomes new players with 100 million free coins. The slot machine is improved monthly, and there are free coins given on a daily basis. VIP Deluxe Slot also offers Vegas casino slot machines for free.

White Wizard Deluxe

If you are very familiar with the White Wizard slot, then loving White Wizard Deluxe will be an understatement.

More advanced than the older White Wizard slot, the Deluxe version features 5 reels, 100 pay lines. Geat graphics designed with the image of the white wizard at the background of the slot looking over all of your wins.

Its reel features Spell Books, Unicorns, Crystal Balls, and Magic Brooms.

Diamond Deluxe Slots

This is an online deluxe slot with 3 reels and 250 welcome free coins. Diamond Deluxe is straightforward, easy, and fun, with no real money coming from your account.

The slot has HD graphics provided for both desktop and mobile versions. Seeing how you climb up the ladder comes with a lot of fun and excitement as you win with time bonuses. The slot has been upgraded with more ways to win bigger bets.

Book of Ra Deluxe Slot

This ancient Egyptian-themed slot offers 5 reels and up to 10-win lines and an opportunity to trigger more than ten free games.

The slot has a special currency feature called ‘Twists’ that can be purchased with real money but cannot be exchanged in return for cash; it can only be used to play other slots. New more variations have been added to the famous Book of Ra deluxe slot.


Since deluxe slots don’t involve your hard-earned real money to play. Why not take time to enjoy the different types of deluxe slots available from the comfort of your home today!

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