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How to Pass Time on a Flight – With or Without Wi-Fi

If you’re someone who finds flying to be more of a hurdle than others when it comes to travel, you might be keen to explore methods for helping this time to be as fast as possible. You have a lot of options, but not every flight is going to be equal due to the presence of an internet connection that some flights have available. Read on this guide on how to pass time on a flight with or without Wi-Fi access.

Easy Guide on How to Pass Time on a Flight – With or Without Wi-Fi Access

Having different options in mind for when this is and isn’t available can help you cover all of your bases and come prepared – ideally without needing to pack a whole new bag just to occupy yourself on the flight.

Downloading Movies and Shows

At first, you might think of watching movies and TV shows as the most typical example of an activity that requires an online connection, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Streaming services often have apps that allow you to download certain episodes or movies to watch at your own leisure, and this can allow you to enjoy them without being at the mercy of an internet connection – something that could threaten to disrupt the flow of whatever you’re watching.

A longer flight then becomes a great opportunity to reconnect with shows and movies you’ve been meaning to catch up on, allowing yourself to get some distance from the reality of the moment by immersing yourself in a fictional one.

Online Games

There are games you can play offline – many of them you can download on your phone so that this remains an option for you throughout the flight. However, it might also be that this isn’t where your taste in games lies.

Some people might use this as an opportunity to jump on multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty Mobile or Fortnite, but others might still be looking for the kind of singular experience that can let you relax on your own.

The middle-ground between online and offline experience, single-player and multiplayer, might land you among the games available at a casino francais en ligne, where you can choose the right experience for your mood.

Reading a Book

Taking a break from screens and getting lost in the pages of a book might sound more calming to you, though, which could be something that’s appealing if the stress of flying is at the forefront of your mind.

Books are so flexible that your intention to read here could completely change. Are you looking to escape into a fantastical world?

Or maybe distract yourself with the intrigue of a non-fiction topic that’s close to your heart? You can read as fast or as slow as suits you, and if you bring enough to read for both the trip and the holiday, you might find that you can relax in the knowledge that you have plenty of content to keep you occupied.

Meditation or Soundscapes

If you are someone who struggles with flying due to anxiety, you might prefer techniques or activities that can look to target that specifically.

Mindfulness is the strategy that is often suggested for dealing with this, and that might lead you towards meditation. If this is something that you’ve never tried before, what better opportunity than multiple hours of being sat on a plane?

Equipping yourself with noise-canceling headphones can be a great way to focus only on your breathing and the instructions of any guided meditation videos that you happen across. Starting with those through apps or YouTube tutorials can give you a good idea of what the process looks like, gently easing you into something that might be unfamiliar.

If the idea of starting something entirely new on top of the flight sounds like a recipe for even more stress, it might just be that relaxing with some gentle soundscapes can have the same effect and might even help you to sleep if you’re going to be on the flight for a while.

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