Top Rated Branded Slot Games

Branded Slot Games and Where to Play Them

If you’ve been playing slots for any period of time, you’ll have noticed that many of them, even the vast majority of them, are themed. Even if you’re a newbie to the scene, it may have been the first thing you saw. There’s just no shortage of themed slots at all – play Cracker Bingo.

It all boils down to astute marketing. When consumers see something they recognise, it becomes more marketable. Sometimes, they don’t even avoid. It just has to be something you recognise. We’re creature of comfort really, which may be why we fear things that are different or new.

Therefore, branded slots have serious pulling power. They’re really marketable. After all, if something has been a huge success in the cinema, for example, it’ll be popular elsewhere in another industry too. Franchises are quite interchangeable when it comes to sticking a famous face on the front of something and selling it. Think t-shirts, video games, lunchboxes, toothbrushes, action figures. The list goes on.

What are branded slots?

A branded slot is a slot game with a theme based on a well-known aspect of popular culture. This could be, for instance, a slot game based on a movie franchise, a TV series, a cartoon, a successful novel, a superhero, or a celebrity. You name it, if it’s been marketed to death, you can switch it to another industry and start again.

This switching comes at a price though, and it’s usually got a few zeros on the end. Franchises make most of their money in marketing and licensing fees.

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So how do slots benefit?

Developers hit a conundrum here. Some make the effort and repackage the brand with the slot game to make a multi-dimensional piece of content that really works. Others try less hard, plastering a few stickers of a famous face on the game hope that this tactic pulls in the punters.

Clearly, spending less money on the content will result in fewer people being enticed by the game. With the excellent range of genuinely sophisticated forms of entertainment in the gaming industry available today, we, the consumers, are no fools. Most of us will know the difference between milking a cash-cow dry and a designer who has combined popular culture with something original in the slots space.

What are some great branded slots?

In effect, it could be argued that all slots games are branded, as all of them have some kind of theme based on something recognisable.

Whether it’s Greek or Viking mythology, the Ancient Egyptians, safaris, sports, adventures in the jungle, gender-appeal or, well, even Frankie Dettori, every slot is based on something that you’ll have heard of.

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Here’s a list of some of 2021’s top branded slots for you to try:

  1. Gonzo’s Quest
  2. Starburst
  3. Monopoly Megaways
  4. South Park
  5. The Demon Code
  6. Razor Shark
  7. Mega Joker
  8. Break Da Bank
  9. Jackpot Giant
  10. Mega Moolah
  11. Book of Dead
  12. Bonanza Megaways
  13. Dragon’s Luck Deluxe
  14. Reel Desire
  15. Loco the Monkey
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