Top 5 Hotel Booking Apps in India

Importance of Hotel Booking Apps for Business

The world has moved to desktop and the internet is the new king of the world. All we seek in the world is some comfort and the internet has provided us the easy way to solve the problems of our life and so we have easy access to all the tasks in our life.

Another much-loved hobby of most of the population of the world is traveling. Yes, we all seek to travel as more as we can. If we get a chance to travel the world, who would say no?

No one I guess. But when you travel, you need to think about lots of things, you need to learn about the cities and the country.

Another thing you need to concentrate on is hotels. Luxury hotels are the prime choices for your comfort. After a long day of fun when we are tired and all we need is a bed.

At that stage, we can not compromise our comfort as our body is not in a proper condition to face any more obstacle after such a long and tiring day.

Food is another basic requirement of each living being and need it to be of at least good quality if not best. But once again a question arises. How to know where to stay in a trip?

How to find the best hotels of a city you want to travel? Are there any option to get the details sitting at the home without moving the toe? Well, the answer is yes. Yes, it is as simple as opening a water bottle.

All you need to do is search it online. Everything you want to know is there available on the web pages. But how can we trust the things written there? To be honest, not all the things over there are true.

Some are just to make you a fool and earn some money. But you need not to worry about anything. We are here to give you a genuine list of best hotel booking sites.

Here you can easily get the list of all the hotels available in the city along with the prices and services available there. You can also get a picture of the hotel and its rooms. This also helps you to get proper address and trusted service. We will tell you 5 best hotel Room booking software sites.

1. Make My Trip: – MMT is the common name we hear for this site. This site gets the credit for the early advancement of online hotel booking in India.

It was founded by Deep Kalra in 2000 and in India, it came into action in 2005. It provides you the service to book flights, rails and buses to your favorite destinations. It gives you a fine variety of hotels.

It also gives you a service where you can book a complete trip package. You get ratings and reviews of all the hotels available there so that you can select wisely.

2. – Yatra also provides us the similar services. You can easily search and access all the hotels. It was launched in 2006. It also gives you the service sharing e gift cards that you can use when you book something on the site.

It is one of the most trusted sites in India. It also books trips in foreign countries. Just ensure that you must collect Yatra promo codes for flight ticket booking online for any domestic or International Destination.

3. Goibibo: – This site is another trusted site in our country. It was launched in 2007 and it is a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip. This site provides us comparison among different hotels as per our requirements.

It also provides us the rooms in our budget. It is a private company and provides different offers once in a while.

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4. Fab Hotels: – Launched in 2014, basically its a group of many hotels. Most of them are 3-star hotels but the best part is they provide us service in the budget of a middle class person.

It operates in more than 50 cities and connects about 4000 hotels in the collection. You get a wide variety of hotels to choose as per your budget and comfort.

5. OYO Rooms: – it is India’s largest hospitality company that provides a wide range of hotels to be booked within the country. It was launched in 2013 but in the recent years, it connect to a almost all the major cities and now it has about 8000+ hotels in more than 300 cities.

It has mostly budget hotels and serves as a great friend to those who has regular trips. Just apply Oyo Coupons to find the best rates for all budget rooms available online.

When you book a hotel, check images and reviews. Compare prices and when you check in, keep an identity card with you because it is necessary in most of the hotels.

Happy Traveling 🙂

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