Top Tips for the Proper Decoration of Your Event

When you have an upcoming event, it’s easy to think about all the ‘big’ details – from the food and drink to the entertainment and activities. But there’s another aspect that often needs attention – which most of us fail to pay attention to until the last minute: the decorations. Granted, the décor is often something we neglect to think about because it’s already part of the setup – like the dinner table centrepieces or the stage backdrop.

Decoration of your Event for Success: Elevate Your Event with These Pro Tips

But there are many décor options out there, and all you have to do is think outside the box and be creative. Even the grandest event could do with balloon décor – and confetti and bunting can set the mood! So what else can you do to make the decoration stand out? Here are some top tips for the proper decoration of your event.

  1. Keep the Theme in Mind

If you are lucky enough to have an event with a theme, work with it! Themes are fantastic because they can already give you a lot of ideas when it comes to decoration. The theme can be determined by your event, or it could be helped along by choosing the right venue. For example, The Venue at Friendship Springs makes it simple to decorate for your specific event as they have a neutral color scheme.

For instance, if your event has a fairground or carnival theme, it’s easy to set up stalls and booths for it, and those stalls will already be part of the décor at your event.

carnival theme

There are plenty of colourful and attractive funfair stalls for hire, and you can augment it with some picnic benches and tables, lots of balloons and bunting, and a photo booth or two.

The point is that whatever theme you have for your event, make sure to incorporate some of it into your décor – and try to blend it in as best as possible.

  1. Use the Available Furniture

If you already have a venue to work with and several pieces of furniture that come with the place, why not use it as well?

It’s often easy for us to overlook these wonderful props – including everything from the tables and chairs to the bars and the stage.

Of course, you still need to style and shape them according to your event – it still needs to suit your event’s theme and set the mood – but doing this is easier than not having any props in the first place!

You can wrap the pieces in the event’s colour scheme or style them so they can blend in with the rest of the décor.

  1. Use Spotlights

If you can install them in specific areas or corners, do so. Spotlights are great for showcasing various areas, and they can even serve to highlight a feature wall, corner, or display.

event spotlights

But they have another use – you can use spotlights to draw attention away from a particular area or part of the venue that you don’t want people to see or notice.

  1. The Placement is Everything

Of course, you also have to ensure that everything is where it’s supposed to be – that’s why the placement matters.

For instance, if you have the most gorgeous cake or centrepieces but don’t place them in the centre position or a prominent area, they wouldn’t be useful at all.

So make sure to place them centrally and strategically for the best results. Think about all these factors, and work with what you have to make decoration of your event fabulous!

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