Things You Must Know If You Have a Crush On Someone

Having a crush on someone is a bittersweet feeling. It brings hope, happiness, and confusion all at once. If you love someone, it is necessary to let them know how you feel for him/her. And if you refrain from making a move, someone else might grab the chance.

If that happens, you will be heartbroken. So, to help you approach your crush in a better way, here are some things you must know.

Let Them Notice You First

Getting used to someone takes time. It’s not easy for anyone to consider someone their friend, understand them and trust them. That doesn’t mean you must keep waiting for the right time, that might never come.

But before making the move, make sure they know you or at least have taken notice of you. Otherwise, it will come as a big surprise for them and get embarrassing for you.

Notice How They Look at You

People say eyes never lie, they reflect what’s in someone’s heart and soul. They can’t hide what the person in front of you is feeling.

So, when you are talking to them, look them in the eye. Paying attention to small details will help you evaluate your options and know how they feel about you.

Don’t Overthink

You might have endless small conversations with your crush, some might even be the expression of interest. But try not to read too much in a little gesture. Let your attraction doesn’t become an unhealthy obsession.

Don’t let it rule your life and distract you from other important things like study or work. And don’t let it affect your relationship with other people, like family and friends.

Keep In Mind These Few Things

There are no proven do’s and don’ts if you have a crush on someone. But these are a few things you must always remember.

  • Don’t keep sending a hundred messages at a time. Be satisfied only by one.
  • Don’t jump on last-minute invitations. You have a life and you have got other things to do as well.
  • Avoid paying more attention to your crush.
  • Don’t keep following them on social media and ask personal questions related to them.

Let Them Know

Well, now that they have taken notice of you, you must make your move and let them know that you like them. It is going to be hard but you must do that. You can be subtle or direct as you see fit.

love crush
A crush is a strong desire for someone. It can exist when you love someone.

After you have expressed your interest, you should be happy that you have saved your time. But then again, you will have to face one of two situations.

Either your crush is interested in you and you start to connect on a deeper level, or your crush isn’t interested in you at all.

If the answer isn’t yes but is something like sure or anything else similar, consider it a no. Don’t stay friend-zoned, move ahead if your feelings aren’t reflected.

Because if you stick around, you will suffer every day and you will never be able to let them out of your mind. And if one day, they are ready for this new experience, chances are it will be with someone else and not you.

These few points will help you deal correctly with the situation when you have a crush on someone. You would know what to do and what to stay away from.

These points will guide you away from too much heartache and embarrassment, telling you what the best thing to do is. So, if you have a crush on someone, that’s how things must go.

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