Rules for Casual Dating Everyone Should Know

Casual dating holds different meanings for different people. To some, it is just a polite term for sleeping around while some find it mysterious and glamorous. However, in reality, casual dating has nothing to do with sex.

It is about finding out a partner for you with whom you will be comfortable enough to spend some time. One must be wary about simple rules of casual dating to avoid getting hurt.

Casual dating is enjoying the company of a person you never knew earlier yet you find the comfort zone to spend quality time.

And all this while, you can keep things easygoing and light without serious talks, commitment pressure and fear of breakup.

But it isn’t easy, casual dating. Here are some rules that will help you get started and keep things simple throughout the dating.

Keep Your Intentions Clear For Everyone

Make sure the person you are dating knows that you are not looking for anything serious. It will give the other person the choice to go along with it or decline it.

This will prevent any misunderstanding from happening and stop things from getting ugly for both of you.

Be Open About What Turns You Off

Be it food habits, political beliefs of multiple partners, whatever doesn’t sit well with you, let your partner know. These things matter even in a casual relationship.

Being clear about it will help both of you in deciding how much effort and time you want to give each other.

If you are not ready to invest so much time and energy on each other, you can move on instantly, there are many available singles who will be willing to keep up with you both.

Always Be Open And Honest

You have agreed to be mutually exclusive with someone and over the weekend you meet someone who seems a hell lot interesting to you.

Things You Must Know If You Have a Crush On Someone

In that case, all you have to do is talk about it to your partner. A clear dialogue will help your partner understand your feelings and confusion.

And it will allow you to pursue your interest without hurting anyone’s feelings.

casual dating tips
Casual dating has a lot of perks, but like anything, it also has some downsides.


Don’t Be Possessive

You might be casual dating someone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go around with someone else. You might see them or their pictures with someone else on social media.

Be cool with it.

The same applies to your partner as well. If you find someone getting possessive about you, ditch them right away. Casual dating is no place for being possessive.

Plan Just A Few Days Ahead

In casual dating, it is important that you live in the moment. If you are planning something for the weekend, it’s okay to plan a day or two in advance.

But anything more than that will be turning it into a relationship. Chances are you will meet someone else before your next meeting.

And in that case, you won’t want to be tied to the plans you don’t want to keep anymore.

Don’t Indulge In Personal Favours

In casual dating, you don’t ask your partner to help you in shifting homes or watching your pet while you are out of town. Neither you should do these things for them. Taking such personal favors or doing it for someone makes the relationship a little intimate.

They Aren’t Your Plus One

Don’t take them with you on family functions, parties, or weddings. These are the places where you meet interesting people for casual dating.

Taking them to these functions will make you look like a committed couple. And you wouldn’t want that.

These are the few rules of casual dating that you must keep in mind while you are on it. These rules will keep your life, relationship and dating simple. So, follow these rules and enjoy dating.

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