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5 Reasons to Install Sliding Barn Door in Pantry?

A sliding barn door is the most sought-after solution for most residential spaces. Here we will discuss the top benefits of using a sliding barn door pantry.

Today’s newfangled pantries are a hot topic in kitchen designs. All thanks to the unique shelving preferences, chic lighting pieces, and fancy organization plans. Another pantry design trend that brings style to the table is the sliding barn doors.

5 reasons to install a new sliding barn door for the pantry

The kitchen is a frequently used room in a house. It is the ideal space where family and friends gather, share memories, cook meals, and enjoy conversations. Since the kitchen is a key spot for gatherings, it is also a prime place for improvements and upgrades. A classy sliding pantry barn door can provide you with these five benefits.

Regardless of your kitchen size, a sliding glass barn door for the pantry will look great and add magic and personality to the space. There is no time like the present to bring the most sought-after accessory that once graced our bedroom and closet doors in our kitchen.

  1. Easy access to dry goods

Without a doubt, every home needs an organized pantry. Often pantries are similar to a black hole. If the storage solutions and system to access goods are inappropriate, boxes and cans can easily enter but are hard to get back. The pantry makeover, starting at the door, is the only solution to get rid of this frustration.

Sometimes, the best way to transform any space is to give it an inviting entryway. A beautiful entry will inspire you to organize the shelving, buy bins for loose objects, and create a system that works well for you.

But, not all doors are equal. Some pantries already have swinging-hinged doors attached. If you also have the same pantry type, isn’t the hinged door coming in your way more than it helps?

Probably yes!

Doors that are open will likely block areas of your kitchen that you can walk through. If the pantry’s entry appears to be a hassle, you need to find an appropriate way to use the space best.

Install a new barn door for your pantry. A sliding glass door can be a great way to save space and provide closure for the space.

The beautiful sliding glass door hardware will not only embrace your kitchen wall but also provide your space a facelift motivating you to start reorganizing the space.

If you easily access your pantry and plan it well, you will see that the black hole of your house has completely changed into a valuable asset.

  1. Visually elevates the area

A pantry needs to be the most valuable part of any kitchen. Based on the size, it stores everything; kitchen staples, boxes, Kitchenaid mixer, specialty applications, extra rolled-out dough to rest, and more.

Pantries are among the most crucial areas in the kitchen. Notwithstanding, people often overlook the space when dealing with aesthetics. A sliding barn door pantry can help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Sliding barn doors for storage and pantry  can fit any décor style. A modern sliding door might be the right choice for a sleek and updated feel. Traditional sliding barn doors look great in homes with the flavor of French, European, Mediterranean, and Farmhouse elements. Moreover, a chalkboard sliding barn door is ideal if you like to display your weakly menu.

sliding barn door pantry
Images for sliding barn door pantry

Additionally, custom sliding barn doors are the best option if none of these possibilities suit your taste and needs. Nothing can go wrong when installing a sliding barn door to your kitchen pantry. You can paint the customized door to match your preferred color scheme and the kitchen décor.

Moreover, instead of changing the look of your builder-grade existing pantry door, install a new barn door for your pantry that visually elevates your kitchen area.

  1. Keep the mess out of sight

You need to conceal your disarranged muddle when family and friends visit your house for an evening. If your pantry has shelves that open up to the kitchen, it could lead to hitches and harm while hosting guests.

In addition, leaving your unorganized boxes, bags, fruits, and other stuff out is not a good idea for the guests to see.

So, what is the solution?

A rustic sliding barn door that hides the dry goods and chattels. A kitchen sliding barn door  pantry is the easiest way to prevent your guests from exposure to your chaotic muddle.

Perhaps you are planning to organize your pantry sooner or later. But until you end up the job, your single or double sliding barn door can hide your clutter.

  1. Fun for kids and functional for the cook

A sliding pantry barn door can transform any space into something unique and useful. For instance, a chalkboard sliding door is ideal for making your home more fun and functional.

A chalk bucket near the chalkboard sliding door can create a fun space for the kids and a good area for the entire family. It can create a great entertaining area for your kids where they can welcome their little friends too.

Kids and their friends can play, write notes, draw pictures, and have fun with the chalkboard door while waiting for dinner.

The chalkboard door can be equally functional for the chef as well. You can use it to write your weekly menu, grocery lists, or important reminders. You can use it to create many fun and useful possibilities for your pantry.

  1. Creative and provisional

Some pantries have an open layout. You do not need to hide your hard work if you are an expert at organizing things and your pantry layout showcases the American lifestyle.

A French sliding barn door will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and pantry more than a traditional or chalkboard sliding door.

This sophisticated door is partly solid and partly glass. It will provide a transitional space between your kitchen and the pantry.

French sliding barn doors are ideal if you have a well-organized pantry and are looking for an easy way to see everything stored inside. If you enjoy looking through the glass panes of your kitchen island while cooking, this door is for you.

Where the glass allows you to look into the pantry through the door, the solid bottom remains a barrier that separates the pantry. Opt for a frosted glass sliding door to create a visible doorway instead of a transition space.

Regardless of the type of sliding barn door you choose for your pantry, it will enhance the look of your space, bringing you a good return on your investment. Moreover, transitional sliding doors like the French doors are the most sought-after since it displays a home’s potential.

Wrapping up

You should bring the style of your kitchen, its architecture, and decor to your mind when choosing the best sliding pantry barn door. The type of door you choose should complement your existing style and the layout you want to incorporate into your kitchen remodel.

Opening any door is not a difficult task, but there is something special about high-quality sliding barn doors in your pantry. You can customize them as required and are easy to use.

For high quality sliding doors, tracks and hardware, with K.N. Crowder Inc you can get the best designs, styles, and finishes that could meet your needs. Regardless of your needs, an experienced supplier can make your sliding barn door pantry dream come true.

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