Top Advantages of Server Colocation for your Enterprise

Businesses seeking growth and expansion require adequate IT infrastructure to support their rising computing needs. Server colocation is one easy way of achieving this.

Server Colocation for your Enterprise

For those who don’t know, server colocation is the practice of renting space in data centers owned by third parties to house physical servers and other IT infrastructure.

In colocation, the service provider offers space and security to store the servers as well as infrastructures such as electricity, cooling, fire protection and redundancy for these servers.

In many ways, server colocation is similar to dedicated server hosting. In both cases, the host places the servers on their premises and provides an ideal environment for efficient management of these servers.

However, there is a slight difference: in dedicated server hosting, the hardware is owned by the host, whereas in colocation, the client owns and maintains complete control over the hardware.

Server colocation offers the ability to bring down operational costs while enjoying the benefits of a professionally-managed data center facility. Here are some major benefits you can enjoy by colocating your servers:

1) Server Colocation trims down Operational Cost

Colocation data centers are large facilities spread over several acres. Enterprises colocating servers in any such facility leverage the advantage of economies of scale as all the expenses get split among the tenants.

When you install computing hardware on your premises, you need to spend a considerable portion of your IT budget on maintaining hardware. You need to take care of overheads such as floor rentals, electricity, licensing fee and hiring IT staff. With server colocation, all such expenses are eliminated. Of course, you need to pay your colocation service provider, but colocation proves cost-effective in the long run.

2) Server Colocation enhances Uptime and Availability

Colocation makes for higher server uptime and availability. When you maintain servers on your own premises, you face the risk of long, unscheduled downtime. Your hardware can remain unavailable for any reason: power outage, overheating of servers, theft or unavailability of IT staff.

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With server colocation, you get access to a professionally managed data center facility. Colocation facilities offer a slew of amenities that keep your servers up and running all round the clock. Colocation centers offer a steady power supply owing to backup generators and reserve fuel that ensure your applications run without interruption.

There are advanced cooling systems to maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels. And, in spite of all these amenities, if something goes wrong, technical experts and certified engineers are available to troubleshoot and resolve the issue without delay.

3) Server Colocation lets you Scale with Ease

Server colocation offers the scalability that you would not get with on-premise server rooms. Colocation allows you to expand easily and seamlessly should the need arise. Most colocation centers are part of a large data center network. So, as your business expands and your infrastructure needs soar, all you need to do is to rent additional space with your colocation service provider.

4) Server Colocation offers Unmatched Safety and Security

As data breaches are getting more frequent, enterprises are prepared to go the extra mile to secure their equipment. Placing your equipment in a colocation facility is an easy way of guaranteeing the safety of your servers.

Colocation centers have a multi-tier security system equipped with an array of features to ward off unsolicited intrusion. Most of these centers have multifactor biometric authentication, monitored alarms, fire extinguishers and high-definition CCTV cameras at strategic points. Armed personnel guard all the entry and exit points. Besides, only certain authorized personnel get access to the server area.

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In addition to unmatched physical security, these centers offer robust cybersecurity measures such as high-quality firewalls and backup services to restore data in case a breach occurs. By choosing to co-locate their servers, businesses can safeguard their applications and minimize the incidence of breaches.

5) Server Colocation offers 24*7 Support

As discussed above, colocation data centers have technical experts available round-the-clock. These experts take care of everything ranging from maintaining the servers to troubleshooting and thus help avert major mishaps such as system failures, excessive heating, and power outages. With a dedicated team to take care of your systems, you can focus on other critical aspects of your business.

6) Server Colocation offers Better Connectivity Options

If you choose a carrier-neutral colocation data center, you get access to a large number of internet service providers (ISPs) and, as a result, have a wide range of options to choose from. The presence of several network providers creates a competitive space and allows you to negotiate on both the price and quality of the bandwidth.

Wrapping it up

In light of the benefits it offers, server colocation is a recommended hosting option for businesses that have purchased hardware but are reluctant to spend on maintenance and upkeep of servers. IT equipment has specialized needs that can be fulfilled only in the environment server colocation offers.

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