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Seed or Sod – Which is best for your Lawn?

Establishing Palmetto St. Augustine Sod in Atlanta

In order to make a decision both of the methods must be understood. First of all establishing Palmetto St. Augustine sod in Atlanta must be considered. There are three major steps to take and complete the whole sod process.

1. The most crucial thing to do is to prepare the ground on which the sod has to be laid. The soil must be free from all types of debris, weeds and other rubble. After that, the ground must be evened with the help of racks and rollers.

2. When you receive the sod from the company; you have to immediately install the sod or it will dry up. The proper way to do so is to put it down from the boundaries and side by side each other. Be very careful to leave no gaps in between. Press down on the sod with a garden roller to fasten the roots in the ground.

3. Immediately after the sod is installed; you have to apply water to it. At least 4 inches of water must be supplied till the grass reaches its required height. During the hot weather, daily watering is needed but in cooler days weekly water is enough.

Sowing Seed in the Lawn

The second method is to plant seeds in the ground. Although the process of seeding is almost the same as sod there is one difference that the seeds are scattered on the ground. The variety of sod grass that you want for the lawn can be grown through seeds as well.

1. The ground in which the seeds will be sown must be cleared from any type of leaves, excess grass, pebbles, and other rubbish. A garden rack is an ideal tool for this purpose. After clearing the ground now it is time to make the soil even so that the next step is carried out easily.

2. It must be noted that the seeds should be scattered evenly. The specific instructions for each type of seed are given to the user or written on the bag of the seed. The scattering technique must be followed accordingly.

3. Water is an element without which the seed germination is impossible. If you want the seeds to cultivate perfectly then remember to bathe the seeds longer in water during the late afternoons. There should not be puddles because over-watering damages the seeds from within or they can be washed away. This process must be repeated for approximately 15 days.

Choosing Seed or Sod

You have to decide if you want to sow seeds in your lawn or you want sod from a reputed company like Atlanta Metro Sod. But before you decide; you have to know the various features that make both of them different.

Money spent

Initially, the sod costs little more than the seed in the way that you have to pay for the fully developed grass that is rolled and reaches you. But after the sod is fully grown the maintenance is lesser than the seeds. But the after sowing care is higher and you have to spend a lot of money to apply chemicals and fertilizers.

Time consumed

The seeds take a longer time to fully grow into grass. At many times it has been observed that the seed grass can take 2 years to reach the quality of the sod grass. Whereas, the sod is grass which is not fully but half-grown and less time are consumed to develop into the appropriate height.

Control on Weed and Fungus

Tons of chemicals and different fertilizers are used to eliminate the weeds and fungus from the seed grass. But the sod is manufactured in such a way that it takes minimum chemicals to eradicate the problem.

Which is a harder task?

For many people, seeds are a good alternative to sod because you can scatter easily but there are several problems that the lawn owner can face. One major difficulty is that the seeds may not reach to some parts of the soil and the grass will not grow there. The sod is a rolled grass turf and lay directly on the ground all over the place.

The General Appearance

A well-established sod gives an equal and even appearance to the garden. But sometimes the grass-grown through seeds can appear irregular. Whatever you do to correct it but once it is like that it will remain till the end.

Maintenance of the Lawn

The seed grass needs regular maintenance because it takes a longer time to fully grow into a proper grass. The Palmetto St. Augustine sod in Atlanta needs watering weekly during the cooler months but regular irrigation in the hot days is required.

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