Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

In the last few years, many successful entrepreneurs have used their personal branding to drive their respective businesses. Whether it is the digital marketing guru Neil Patel, or the real estate wonder, Manny Khoshbin, or even the burger-flipping Nusret of Salt Bae fame, entrepreneurs have found ways and means of using digital to power their success and growth.

In this article, we are going to look at one very important aspect of entrepreneurship- Personal Branding. We will discuss how personal branding is integral to business success on digital platforms. Finally, we will look at five ways of how entrepreneurs can improve their branding on digital.

Why Personal Branding matters on Digital Platforms?

Social media has become a platform to display your success stories. For example, if you are rich and successful, people want to be a part of that. They want a share of your time, your investments, and your business.

Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter have emerged as key platforms, which entrepreneurs are using to build their brand. By sharing their personal life, business tips, house tours, professional meetings, supercars, exercise regimes, and so on, they are trying to vie for your attention at multiple levels.

This helps in influencing the business. In such cases, the business assumes a personality, which is presented by the entrepreneur. According to Angela Wei Milk Studios, with the rise of digital platforms, personal branding has become creative, affordable, massy, targeted and guarantees high ROIs. List of 5 Ways Entrepreneurs can Improve Personal Branding on Digital

1. Aggressive use of Social Media

Entrepreneurs, who are looking to invest in personal branding, need to have a proper social media marketing strategy. This means fixing the number of posts and stories every day, type of content, live streaming sessions, Q and A’s, and so on. They also need to strike a balance between their personal lives and their professional lives on social media.

2. Focussing on Content Creation

If you are just putting content out there, you are not very likely to see great results. Engagement depends on the quality of content you are developing. Using high-grade cameras, sound pieces, photography equipment, as well as a great content writer is going to help you with your personal branding. This is a great investment if you want to start seeing real results.

3. Collaborating with Fellow Entrepreneurs

In order to look successful, entrepreneurs need to associate themselves with similar individuals. The more you show up on the social media feed of someone whit a huge following, the automatic identification of you as a success is established. This is why it is important to hold webinars, live sessions, or simple hanging-out fun sessions with your entrepreneur friends.

4. Contributing to Reputed Online Journals

There are many credible online journals and publications, which have millions of readership. We are talking about platforms like WSJ, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others. You can submit an application for an article and start working on the same with your content writer. This will help you improve your credibility and get more exposure to your business expertise.

5. Having a Functional and Useful Personal Website

Many entrepreneurs tend to spend too much time on social media and ignore their websites. This is something, which should not be done, as a website can emerge as a powerful tool of referral traffic to your business website. By sharing personal business tips, blogs, and other relevant information, you can drive audiences to your business website.

The Final Word

The rise of social platforms has allowed entrepreneurs to reach their target audiences. Personal branding through digital platforms is something, which can help you increase your sales and revenues for your business. Can you think of some other channels, which entrepreneurs can use to improve their personal branding? Let us know below.

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