How to improve your English for competitive examination?

COVID 19 pandemic is a fantastic opportunity for people to skill upgrade and think about competitive exams for higher education or getting recruited at different firms. The forms for different examinations have already been out. Do not wait for preparing until the admit cards like Central Industrial Security Force cisf head constable admit card come out.

One major area where candidates face difficulty is the English Language, which is part of the assessment in almost every exam. The analysis points out that English forms the most scoring of all the other areas. It takes the least time to score the most number of points in an examination. However, it all depends on how good you are on the subject.

As the exam dates of important exams like the cisf head constable exam date are being announced one by one, it’s high time that you start putting in more focussed efforts in your preparations. Whatever the examination it might be, but you need to practice the English language to speak fluently and write without any grammar mistakes.

If you are the one who wants to improve the English language, then make use of the following article. Here we have some tips on how you can improve on different aspects of the English language and crack all the crucial examinations:

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English can be improved the most by reading. The best thing to start with is the newspaper, especially the editorial section. Try to mark the words that are difficult and make a note of their meanings in a diary. This will give a great boost to your vocabulary as well.


You can also read a novel of your choice to develop a reading habit. It is also recommended that you read articles on the internet. This will help you to develop a habit of reading on the screen and eventually help you crack those tedious reading comprehension types of questions, which are a part of almost every examination.

Vocabulary is another vital part of your preparation. Online dictionaries like the Merriam Webster must be a top used app on your phone. You must also try other useful CSIF online tools and apps available that help you remember the meanings of words using pictographic representations and flip cards. Try to read many tale books, author biography to improve your English skills!!


Writing is equally essential to get a hold on the language. A lot of examinations are available to meet in their main stage. For writing, you must try to summarize whatever you read in a newspaper editorial or a blog and write it in your own words.

You can also try writing on platforms like Quora. When you have enough information about a specific issue, try to write an essay on the same.


A lot of exams also ask you to write a letter based on a theme. You must try different previous year questions for the same and be well versed in writing as well as typing with the help of a keyboard.

Incorporate the newly learned words while writing in your own words. Writing skills help you to write any essays and content without any spelling and grammar mistakes.


Speaking English forms a part of the interview process and plays an integral role in getting command over the English language in general. To speak in English, you must form a habit of thinking in English first. If you think in a different language, translate and then speak, you might not be able to talk as fluently.

There will be a lag because your brain will have to put some effort into the translation process as well. So, make a habit of thinking in English or in other words, speak with yourself in English.


Pick a topic and record yourself talking about it for 2 minutes. Listen to it and find out your mistakes. This will help you in group discussions, extempore, and personal interviews.

You can also do this by standing in front of the mirror to get rid of your hesitation. While doing so, you can improve your English fluency and able to speak without any grammatical issues with others. We hope this article helps you get a better command of the English language.

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