Low-Code Development: How Much Can You Save?

The Low-Code development that we can already carry out with platforms is revolutionizing the market for business applications. Did you know that economic savings is one of its main advantages? In fact, you only have to see all Power Apps use cases to realize their potential.

It has been predicted that more than half of SMEs will use Low-Code platforms in 2023. Moreover, by 2024 this technology research company prophesy that 65 % of software development will be carried out with this type of platform.

Don’t Know What Low-Code Development Is?

We say that software development is Low-Code when it considerably reduces the amount of code needed to create an app. To achieve this, “drag and drop” interfaces or reusable templates can be used, among many other tools.

By reducing manual coding to a minimum, this way of working greatly speeds up deadlines and simplifies the work of developers. So, these professionals not only have more time to introduce innovations, but also have an easier time when it comes to increasing scalability.

low code development
What is low-code development and why is it important

It is fair to acknowledge that low-code development can have some drawbacks. We are referring to limited functionality and integration or security risks. The key to avoiding these disadvantages is to go for a trusted provider, as Microsoft Power Apps use cases demonstrates. Did you know that it have more than 300 connectors out of the box?

Does Low-Code Development Really Save Money?

Before Low-Code and No-Code solutions existed, companies that needed to develop new software had two options:

  • Buy the software created by an external provider: although it produces results quickly and affordably, the final product is not 100 % adapted to the needs of the company.
  • Entirely develop the software by themselves: results in a highly customized system, but the creation process is slow and expensive.

Fortunately, with the arrival of Low-Code development, a third way is opened that combines the advantages of the two previous options, leaving their drawbacks behind. Thus, it allows you to obtain customized software quickly and cheaply.

3 Expenses That Low-Code Development Can Save Your Company

  • Shorten development time – As we have already said, the introduction of Low-Code tools greatly speeds up the work. It is obvious that what consumes little time costs little money!
  • Save recruitment costs – Finding, hiring and retaining new developers is risky and expensive. With Low-Code development, it is possible to invest in the workers themselves, making their work easier and more productive.
  • Increase revenue – There is no better way to save money than to increase the profitability of your company. At this point, Low-Code tools enable you to meet the needs of your customers in a more agile and efficient way. The increase in earnings will not be long in coming!

Power Apps use cases show the extent to which the versatility of Low-Code platforms reaches. Certainly, with them, you can design, customize, develop and manage the life cycle of business applications, both for web and smartphone.

For that reason, learning about how they work is essential in present times. Enjoy reading this post? Follow our website for more technology post.

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