Learn How Social Media is Planning to Shape the Future in Year 2019

In this ever-changing world, if one thing remains consistent, it is none other but social media. As we advanced ourselves into the next year, there are several areas where social media is more likely to observe interesting changes. Some changes will surround privacy, some technological development, and some AI and Machine Learning.

What another way could’ve been best to learn about the rising trends in social media for the next year then discussing it with modern day social media influencers? Here are some interesting predictions coming from Generation Z and modern-day YouTubers on how social media is going to change in the year 2019.

Nano Influence’s will Win Over Brands

According to Tasha Farsaci, the famous Fashion and Lifestyle Vlogger, nano-influencing will become the future of brands.

Nano-influencers are such influencers who have a considerably low number of the following which is approximately under 10k but all of their followers are niche specific and are working in a tightly knit circle.

Besides, nano-influencing will be a more cost controlled option for international brands. They can offer them a free voucher or a gift item and in return get their posts published on their respective platform.

Social Communities Will Grow

One thing is for sure, whether it is 2018 or 2019 or 2020, social communities will keep on growing better than their preceding years.

Online Marketing Expert and Trainer, Amy Porterfield believes that there will be an exponential growth in online communities which have members that are deeply engaging and socially interactive. Organizations or brands which promote user-engagement and encourage community member interactions with each other are more likely to observe a gradual growth in their respective online businesses. The main agenda or aim of such brands will be to provide users with products and services which offers transformation.

An active and interactive community is all that it takes to outshine a brand and make loyal customers all around it.

Moving from One Dimensional Ad to Conversations

Another trend for which I believe we should keep an eye out on is how ads will become more interactive in the year 2019. According to Casper Rouchman of Templafy, if some great shift is going to take place, then it will happen in the shifting of one-dimensional ads from being just a static ad to a more conversational one.

Whether conversation channels are established through chatbots or through conversational forms, it will combine the marketing activities with the service activities and compound result in helping the prospect.

Such ad strategy will remove the friction from sign-ups and deliver more qualifying leads for brands.

More Facebook Stories Will Publish

Now, this comes from the heart of the social media giant itself, Facebook. Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook revealed that they are going to work on adding some new features to their Facebook Stories. They are inclined at pushing forward the thought that Facebook is not all about News Feeds and page interactions.

The newest option in Facebook will improve the ability of brands to market their products and services through Facebook stories. These stories will eventually appear on the Facebook account of the followers for a short span of 24 hours and then readily vanish. Hence, they won’t become much of a nuisance because users will have the liberty to choose when they wish to see the stories, unlike other Facebook ads which come in between videos or while scrolling through the News Feed.

More Generation Z Exposure…

Blake Heal, Executive Producer of Social Animals and Partner at Conscious Minds, has come to an eye-opening reveal after his documentary on the Generation Z’s social media usage that Gen-Z is more focused at the commodification of themselves. The end objective of the next generation revolves around three things and they are; dating, fame, and money.

In fact, the rising use of social media has now become a major controller of their mental health… So, it means that in the year 2019, we are about to see a gradually more increase in social media accounts on different social channels for the Gen-Z.

Their agenda is focused on establishing privacy and feel safe about the content which they are creating.

Increased Marketing Automation

Future brands are now deeply focused on creating a more personalized experience for their respective clients and users. It is because they want to know their customers better. Therefore, they are opting in to create marketing campaigns which are not only measurable but also provide insights on customers.

Handling data will require secrecy and instead of relying on outsourced agencies, future brands will put their attention more towards marketing automation. It will enable them to automate several marketing processes in-house to mitigate the need of outsourcing their marketing campaign implementations.

Video marketing will stay in the Buzz

One of the most popular content types in the world of social media marketing is none other but Video Marketing. The last couple of years, digital marketers have seen that video has gained significant fame among the social media world out there. In fact, the year 2018 has marked the date and is not any different. Therefore, we believe that video marketing strategy will ultimately remain one of the most engaging marketing strategies in the forthcoming year.

According to Buzzsumo research, more than 880 million Facebook posts were posted last year out of which the highest average engagement goes to none other but Video marketing. Facebook videos show more than 10 times more interactive ratio as compared to another form of content which makes it one of the most preferable marketing option for future businesses.

Social media is on a constant evolution. There is more to the world of social media then we commonly perceive. Every day we seem to learn a bit more about the amazing platforms and since the market is exceptionally competitive, there is something new happening on these social media platforms every year.

Most digital marketing companies believe that social media can dramatically change the world in the near future. Do you also believe the same? Let us know by dropping in a comment in the section below.

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