Is Shopify the right Choice for eCommerce Development?

So, you have decided to develop an online store to expand your business horizon? Well, you made the right decision. Have you done all the necessary preparations? Most importantly, choosing the right platform? Do you have any idea about the evolving platform for online store development?

Well, we are going to let you know about Shopify, which emerged as the most preferred platform for eCommerce development and witnessed its growing demand in the eCommerce industry.

According to a survey, Shopify nowadays caters to 500,000 businesses with overall sales of $48 billion.

This has created a stir among those who are into the eCommerce industry and dealing with the number of customers. In other words, Shopify gave a genuine reason to smile to many businesses by increasing their revenue generation ability and thus ROI.

Whether you are looking for the right platform to migrate your existing e-store or develop a brand new eCommerce website, you have every reason to consider Shopify and get in touch with a reputed Shopify web development company.

Before we describe here several reasons why Shopify is considered to be a good choice for website development, you need to take into account the following important things.

  • Products that you sell
  • What should be the size of the store
  • Payment modes
  • Domain host
  • Payment plan

Reasons Why Shopify is Good for eCommerce Stores

1. POS Feature

If you are developing an online store, you can’t ignore POS (Point of Sale) that is considered to be an important feature for any such store. The reason is that POS includes numerous advantages such as expanded payment capabilities, inventory management, great accuracy, employee management, detailed receipts, etc.

The most important thing about Shopify is that it is blessed with POS features and thus makes your online shopping website more business and sales oriented. In other words, it increases the revenue generation ability of your business.

2. Design

If we talk about some of the most important factors that play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your website with higher engagement, then design comes first. Certainly, design tends to make or break your online store and thus user engagement.

The reason is that users get puzzled while accessing those eCommerce sites having a bad user interface. And they finally avoid using such websites.

Shopify is blessed with cutting-edge tools that help designers craft an intuitive and user-friendly design for your website. Websites developed on Shopify are popular for their professional and eye-catchy look and thus easily draw the attention of users.

3. Payment Gateway

It’s another necessary feature that your online store is blessed with. When you opt for Shopify for your e-store, it creates a win-win situation for you for having compatibility with several payment gateways.

Shopify has a complete list of 100 third party gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. which are responsible for processing customer’s credit cards. This makes the payment process quite easier and thus also improves users’ shopping experience.

 4. Mobile Compatibility

According to a survey, 64% of smartphone users expect that a web page should load less than or within 4 seconds. So, your e-commerce website should be decent and mobile compatible to deliver a seamless user experience.

The other reason why your website should be mobile responsive is the growing number of smartphone users who shop a variety of products on their mobile devices. So, your online store must appear perfectly on mobile devices.

When it comes to Shopify, it is known to be mobile compatible. So, any website developed on this platform runs flawlessly on various mobile devices without compromising its look, features, functionalities, etc.

In other words, a mobile-compatible website automatically adjusts following the screen size of devices and helps users access everything without any ambiguity. This encourages users to access your online shopping site to buy various products that they are desiring for.

Apart from catering to smartphone users, you can also enjoy the liberty of operating your online store from mobile devices. You can access various details such as customer data, sales statistics, manage orders, etc.


After going through the above information, you are now expected to have clear information regarding Shopify and it’s growing used on eCommerce website development.

It would not be wrong to say that Shopify is blessed with everything to make your eCommerce website business-friendly, powerful, engaging, and conversion-oriented. So, it’s time to hire a reliable Shopify development company to develop your online eCommerce store.

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