Role of IoT Applications in Field Service Management

IoT applications enhance the working of different businesses by providing them an embedded platform where multiple devices can connect to the internet for sharing data and other important information between each other.

These applications provide a handful of benefits to different businesses such as increase the count of new opportunities, improve tracking of assets, provide real-time operational insights, improvise security & safety and boost up their productivity level.

The Internet of Things applications are changing the industry of field service management for the best. With IoT applications, the field service companies can plan their service management process in a more efficient manner and hence, improve their customer service.

These applications help the field service technicians to develop high-level expertise in their respective areas to reduce the chances of equipment failures and other errors. Below are some points that will show you how the IoT applications are changing the field service management:

  • Improved Scheduling: The IoT applications provide a scheduling component for syncing and streamlining the movement of technicians between diverse locations. The ticket generated by IoT sensors in the field management software system, automatically schedules tasks based on the availability of the resources and characteristics of the case.
  • Better Visibility: IoT sensors provide field service management industries real-time visibility of their day-to-day tasks and state of assets in the field. This helps them to make critical decisions without any delay, resulting in optimum utilization of assets and resources. With enhanced communication and visibility into issues on remote sites, industries providing field services can ensure that the operational, as well as safety processes are followed precisely.
  • Increased Efficiency: The IoT applications allow different devices to communicate with each other over a network in real-time. Better communication helps in quicker identification of problems, so the same can be resolved with the best solution and within time. IoT will equip all levels of the industry with rich communication and reporting abilities that will result in increased efficiency.
  • Customer Service: High-level of efficiency of the industry will directly benefit the customers. With all the required data in hand, industry can understand its customers in a better way and develop such service management solutions that provide them more value.
  • Efficient Control: The IoT applications opens the door to a wide gamut of possibilities in the field of the service management industry. The providers can connect their customer equipment, technician’s vehicles and machines to the internet in order to facilitate better communication with them to control their operation and retrieve data about wear rates that result in providing better solutions to customers.
  • Employee Satisfaction: IoT sensors provide proper visibility that helps the field service team to increase their level of productivity and achieve job satisfaction. Sharing of valuable information and data in real-time will help employees to prepare for future situations and they can use their skills to solve critical problems. The IoT applications ensure that the employees have the right skills and tools to deal with current and future problems.

How to install IoT applications in Field Service Management

Step 1: Installation of sensors on customer’s equipment:

First you need to install communication-enabled sensors on equipment at customer sites. The sensors will monitor temperature, pressure, humidity and other levels on the equipment, so that maintenance can be provided on time to eliminate the chances of equipment failure.

The ability to anticipate failures is essential in industries to avoid stopping a production line due to an equipment breakdown and save the customer a significant amount of money.

Step 2: Connect technician’s vehicles:

After installing sensors on customer’s equipment, now its time to install them on technician’s vehicles that will help the service industry to easily track down the travel times, productivity and location of the technicians. With the given technology, the fastest route to the customer site can also be estimated to achieve efficiency in operations.

IoT applications have changed the way companies do business. They have made the field industry highly efficient and less dependent on human intervention. Further evolution of IoT technology will affect all the processes associated with field service management in a positive manner.

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