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Importance of Washing Vacuum Cleaner

If one day you still decide to buy a washing vacuum cleaner, then you need to know, firstly, about its disadvantages and advantages, and secondly, the technical characteristics that you need to pay attention to when buying it. Of course, just knowing what characteristics of a washing vacuum cleaner has is not enough.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing vacuums

First of all, we indicate the disadvantages, and then the advantages. The disadvantages include the fact that with the help of washing vacuums it is impossible to remove dust and dirt from the surface carpets with a natural base. This is due, first of all, to the fact that after wet cleaning, the base of the carpets will not be able to dry and after a couple of days the carpet will start to smell with such smells that will make life in your house a nightmare.

However, if after wet cleaning you can take the carpet out into the air and let it thoroughly ventilate and dry, then the quality of cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner will cause you one pleasure.

A similar situation occurs when cleaning parquet – water can penetrate between the planks and fall into their base – after some time, the rotting of the parquet from the inside will begin.

To avoid this, it is recommended to treat the parquet with special antiseptics in order to make it moisture resistant, and only after that, you can easily start cleaning. Therefore, the above disadvantages can be easily overcome if desired. Well, the last drawback is that after each cleaning you will have to wash the tanks of the washing vacuum cleaner.

The positive properties of the washing “cleaning assistant” include the fact that other surfaces that are not indicated in the deficiencies can be removed without any worries.

That is, a washing vacuum cleaner will help to easily remove dirt and dust from surfaces such as carpets and rugs (do not forget to dry them), laminate, linoleum coatings, furniture, floors, and walls, tiled or with natural stone in the base.

The pluses of washing vacuum cleaners include “dry” cleaning, the ability to remove spilled liquids, moisturizing and deodorizing the cleaned rooms, as well as the latent potential for washing glasses and mirrors.

The principle of operation of a washing vacuum cleaner is very simple. You pour water and detergent into the first tank.

From the reservoir, the washing solution under pressure enters the nozzle and there it is evenly distributed over the entire surface to be treated.

The nozzle also has special openings designed to suck in contaminated water that enters the second tank. When cleaning, you can adjust the amount of water supplied to the carpet.

Tip for cleaning:

When wet cleaning carpets and carpet coverings, the washing vacuum cleaner must work at maximum power, otherwise the carpet will have time to get wet well and dry it in the future will be problematic.

Therefore, when buying a washing vacuum cleaner, choose a model that has vacuum nozzles, in which the supply of the washing solution is controlled automatically, and the brush thoroughly and intensively rinses every pile of the carpet and really effectively cleans the dirt from under them.

The technical characteristics that need to be addressed are described below. These include:

  • MP capacity
  • tank volume and maintenance;
  • filtering;
  • a tube;
  • Nozzles, etc.

Power of the washing vacuum cleaner

The power of a washing vacuum cleaner, like any other household appliance, is measured in Watts (W). This is the main parameter that determines the quality of cleaning. The higher the better. However, do not fall for the advertising ploy of companies producing MPs, for example, they indicate the power consumption of 1400W, 1600W, etc.

Best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. Image Credit:

How important is this indicator? I’ll explain now. The quality of cleaning does not depend on the power consumption (1400W or 1600W), but on the suction power, which even with professional washing vacuum cleaners reaches only 1000W.

Therefore, when buying, ask the manager-consultant, not for maximum power, but for the number of watts of suction power – for more or less high-quality cleaning, it should be about 400W.

It is also necessary to take into account that power is wasted, firstly, on a filtration, moisturizing and deodorizing system, and, secondly,

Another marketing move – manufacturers can specify not the nominal power consumption, but the maximum, which is 15-25% more. It would like to emphasize that the maximum power is achieved in the first seconds of the vacuum cleaner, and during the rest of the work, it always works in nominal mode.

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