How to Finish College Assignments Faster & Save Time

What’s possibly the worst nightmare of college students? Back-to-back boring lectures? Endless reading lists? Surprise tests? Or, a sudden visit from your parents? Well, you’ve another thing coming: College assignments!

83% of students hate assignment writing. Every time you are assigned a writing task, you wish you were dead! The stress of researching, writing, and citing kills self-confidence and leaves you feeling nervous, dejected, and hopeless.

And what about the evil monsters, aka deadlines? They won’t let you eat, work, and sleep in peace. Your mind is constantly troubled, thinking, “I have a deadline to meet.”

Still, you need to write.

Why? For grades. Nope! For good grades!

The good news is, many academic writing services are available these days to rescue students from these monsters called deadlines. Run by top-ranked academicians, these websites aim to provide comprehensive writing aid to students who fetch high grades.

However, if you’re anything like me, you are probably trying to do it yourself at the last minute (which isn’t recommended at all) instead of hiring experts.

Luckily though, I’ve got the perfect tips to help you wrap up your assignments much faster and make time for other fun things you want to do.

15 Hacks to Smash out Quality College Assignments before the Deadline

  1. List it Out

When you are drowning in deadlines and other obligations, chances are, you will miss out on some assignments. So the better way to handle your workload is to make a list of everything you’ve to do.

Then, go through your routine and estimate how much time you need to complete each task. Always be realistic while allocating time, and cross off once you are done.

  1. Gather Your Supplies

Half of the study time, students waste finding books, notes, question papers, pencils, and the list goes on. Since now you know what you’ve to do for the day, make a note of everything you need.

From pencils, books, coffee, laptop, and even snacks, keep everything at your hand’s reach. That way, you don’t have to yell at your mom to help you find your notes or pens!

  1. Sit With a Clock

The clock’s ticking sound can get on the nerve when you are racing to finish – but it’s also a great motivator. Look at it this way, when you are entirely focused on your work, you lose track of time, delaying other tasks. But if you have a clock nearby, you’ll push yourself to finish the college assignments within the set time.

  1. Find the Perfect Study Place

While many of you may prefer to do your homework in bed or on the couch, that’s not ideal for productive work. Instead, find a quiet place and create a distraction-free environment. Having a quiet, organized study place will help you concentrate and complete your work on time.

  1. Stay Away from Distractions

Distractions are probably students’ worst enemy. Fortunately, you can do things to steer clear of distractions – be it physical or digital. For instance:

  • Don’t fiddle with your phone while you study. I know it’s almost impossible to live without your phone, but keeping it in silent mode can save you from notification alerts.
  • Use apps like Cold Turkey to temporarily block all distracting apps.
  • Inform your family that you are doing assignments, so no one disturbs you.
  • Stay on relevant websites. Don’t wade off to your social media profiles while researching.
  1. Take Breaks

Writing assignments at a stretch can get tedious and highly monotonous. The constant pressure will only slow you down and prolong your writing time.

That’s why you must take timely breaks in between writing to re-energize yourself. For example, you can try the POMODORO technique. Taking a break for five minutes after 25 minutes of writing will not only reduce pressure but help you refocus.

  1. Use Study Tools

These days, academic tools are widely popular among students for simplifying assignment writing. You can use tools to brainstorm ideas, organize your writing resources, and proofread and edit copies quickly.

Tools like Quora, Evernote, Grammarly are widely prevalent among students, and taking advantage of them can save your time and effort.

  1. Introduce a Reward System

Let’s say you have to write a 500 words essay on ‘Rice Cultivation in Japan.’ But you hate writing essays. What to do then? Well, reward yourself.

Setting a reward for writing the essay will trick your brain into working faster to win the prize. You can keep prizes like an ice cream treat, an hour of Netflix, or even a quick nap to spice up college assignments writing.

  1. Don’t Stay Empty Stomach.

You are already physically and mentally tired after a busy day at college. If you directly start with your homework without any refreshment, you may find it challenging to concentrate on your work.

Having healthy snacks and drinking plenty of water will give you the energy to do your job and deliver quality. Replace aerated drinks and junk food with water, nuts, dry fruits, sugar-free energy bars, and other light snacks.

  1. Collaborate with Friends

Call your friends (who are academically active) and organize a study session to do homework together. Such collaborations allow you to discuss and solve your queries faster. Also, you get to learn how others approach college assignment writing and implement similar strategies to meet tight deadlines.

Pro Tip: Keep the group small with 2-3 members. More than that will make things difficult for you to manage, and you will end up discussing your favourite boy band instead of writing.

  1. Listen to Soft Music

Yeah. Most of you must be thinking, “Soft music? What are you talking about?” But believe it or not, reports suggest that students who listen to soft, classical music while doing assignments tend to perform better. In addition, classical background music keeps the stress levels low, allowing students to stay focused on the task.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t keep postponing college assignments just because “it’s boring” or “the topic is hard.” You need plenty of time to research, write and edit if the topic is tricky.

Keeping it until the last minute will not only make the entire process harder and trigger stress but also delay your other academic and social obligations.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Seeking Help.

For sure, it’s easier to hire an expert for coursework help, but it doesn’t mean you will wait until the night before the deadline to seek help.

If you feel you need help with the college assignments, consult your instructors at the earliest. Your teachers will be pleased to help you with the best resources for the paper.

  1. Don’t Multitask

Multitasking takes years of practice. You are only kidding yourself if you think you can manage two assignments at the same time.

Trying to work on two tasks simultaneously increases the chances of errors, thus, hindering the quality of your writing. Therefore, give your complete concentration and focus on one task at a time to wrap up your assignments early.

  1. Think Positive

Unquestionably, you have to deal with an excessive amount of pressure in college, but if you constantly think, “I’m going to miss the deadline” or “I have so much left to do,” you will definitely struggle.

Instead of such stress-inducing thoughts, trust your abilities. Practice positive self-talk and stay focused to complete the task at hand efficiently.


Completing college assignments will no longer be a headache if you sketch out a work plan and religiously follow it. So let’s now quickly round up the tips for completing your college assignments within the deadline:

  • List it Out
  • Gather Your Supplies
  • Sit With a Clock
  • Find the Perfect Study Place
  • Stay Away from Distractions
  • Take Breaks
  • Use Study Tools
  • Introduce a Reward System
  • Don’t Stay Empty Stomach
  • Work with a Friend
  • Listen to Soft Music
  • Don’t Procrastinate
  • Don’t Shy Away from Seeking Help
  • Don’t Multitask
  • Think Positive

If you have some more ideas to add to the list, please share them in the comments below. Follow Business ERO for more interesting blogs.

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