How to Build an Awesome Healthcare Application On Budget?

Looking to develop a custom healthcare application but have little budget to see it to fruition? In this article, I will give you some important tips on how you can develop an amazing healthcare application on a budget, also how much it cost to build a healthcare app.

We all know that building software projects on health care take both time and money. In fact, custom healthcare software development is much more complex than other industry applications. Therefore, it is very crucial to hire healthcare app developers with significant industry experience. But seasoned developers mean more money, for obvious reasons.

Healthcare is an industry that started gaining popularity a few years back and more amidst the COVID pandemic. There’s no foolproof answer to how much custom healthcare applications may cost. But based on several factors that influence the overall cost of healthcare software projects such as features, functionality, complexity, companies can estimate the pricing. It’s the first step.

Advantages of Healthcare Applications

healthcare applicationMany years ago, healthcare institutions did not even have their service websites but now many have their own applications for patient convenience and service accessibility.

Moreover, medical app development makes the access of data easier especially for healthcare providers and seekers alike.

Doctors can 24/7 access the patient test results for the diagnosis and similarly, patients can see their results and prescribed medication directly.

Additionally, unlike heavy hospital websites customer healthcare applications are fast and convenient. All the necessary and basic information related to patients is available such as blood group, any previous health concerns, latest health issues, series of diagnosis and medication, allergies, etc.

It allows for quick diagnosis in case of emergencies. Healthcare software solutions are positively impacting the industry by consistently improving customer satisfaction and experience as these services are available at the touch of a button.

Benefits for Patients:

  • Works as a healthcare journal
  • Patients can find all the updated information about medication and vaccinations
  • Healthcare industry related news
  • Easy and remote consultation with healthcare providers
  • Get appointments through a single click
  • Medication reminders and notifications

Benefits for Healthcare Providers:

  • Providing full access to a patient’s medical history and data such as test results etc.
  • Increases engagement leading to building closer relationships
  • Healthcare applications provide regular notifications about appointment reminders.
  • Automatic way to gather patient information.
  • Help healthcare providers to gain a competitive edge.
  • Patient’s medical health record for urgent diagnosis.

Importance of Hiring Dedicated Healthcare App Developers

According to recent update, the digital health industry, valued which was $86.4 billion in 2018, and expect to grow $500 billion by 2026.

The surge is both valuable for patients and hospitals alike. So let’s shed some light on why outsourcing healthcare applications development services are beneficial:

  • Low labour and expert hiring costs
  • Fast application execution speed
  • Quality assurance and support even after application deployment
  • Outsourcing offers a specific skill set and expertise to get the job done
  • They result in long-term partnerships, which makes it easier to collaborate on future projects

Cost of Custom Healthcare Applications

Features and functionalities are the deciding factors that tell us how much a healthcare application would cost, either you are doing development in-house or hiring medical app development services, for that matter.

Types of Healthcare Applications

  • Electronic health record or EHR
  • Medication management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • TeleMedicine
  • Symptom checker
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Lifestyle applications
  • Psychological health

Basic features/ Functionalities

  • telehealthcare
    Telemedicine, online doctor and medical consultation concept. Doctor helping a patient using a mobile phone.

    User registration and login – includes both the admin (hospitals) and individual patients

  • User profiles entail all the basic information regarding them such as name, blood group, hospital name, etc.
  • Admin panel for managing user profiles, staff, and checking analytics
  • Search functionality
  • Push notifications
  • Payment gateways if the app has paid features
  • Calendar system for booking appointments
  • Messaging functionality for an instant consultation

Healthcare features

  • Video calls – important for remote consultation. Telehealth and telemedicine.
  • Integrations with third-party systems and medical devices.
  • Security compliance such as HIPAA or GDPR.
  • Use of latest technologies such as AI and ML for automation.

Medical app development costs are increasing every year because of the complexity of features, compliance with security regulations, and the demand for the latest technological innovations. A custom healthcare application can cost somewhere between $10,000 – $40,000 or even more, on average.

It also depends on the geographical location of your medical app development services. In any case, the important team structure for developing a healthcare app may include:

  • Web/ Mobile app developers including back-end and front-end
  • Project Manager
  • Business analysis and cyber security experts
  • DevOps and Quality assurance

Based on the information and project scope, you should know that the total cost depends on the type of project and healthcare app that you are looking to develop including the team structure, development models, and features. Outsourcing is a cost-efficient approach therefore make sure to hire a custom healthcare software development company for optimal results.

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