How Often should you hit the gym in a week.

Being active is very very important and crucial in today’s life. But because of their busy schedule, we can not keep up with our fitness goals. How many times you have joined a gym or committed to do exercise to lose weight and stay fit.

How often should you visit a gym in a week?

But only after a few weeks do you leave all the fitness plans and now no longer hit the gym. This is because you don’t know how often you should exercise. Basically, this is also a very difficult question to answer. The answer is not the same for everyone.

Know your fitness goals


fitness goals
What are your fitness goals in 2022?

With much different advice out there with different ways of training and different styles of fitness. Every person decides to exercise for different purposes.

Everyone has different fitness goals. Our bodies are not the same it’s totally different from one another. And so our fitness goals are also distinct from others. We have spoken to three well-experienced trainers in the fitness industry on what should be the most important fitness goals.

However, there are many fitness goals that appear more often. That may look similar to many people. Let’s dive and check what these common fitness goals are.

1) Try one new workout every month
2) Stretch more
3) Perfect your form
4) Get a workout buddy
5) Staying active every week help you make feel calm
6) Walk instead of drive whenever you can
7) Ask yourself “why” every day
8) Drink more water
9) Get 7-9 hours of sleep
10) Live less sedentary
11) Schedule workouts in your calendar
12) Always take the stairs if you can
13) Aim for balance
14) Give yourself a compliment or gratitude every day.

What are cardio workouts and why it’s important


cardio workouts
Importance of cardio workouts for health

Cardio or Cardiovascular exercises are the ones that increase your heartbeat rate. Cardio exercises are beneficial for people who want to lose weight or maintain a moderate weight or stay healthy.

According to the AHA (American Heart Association), an average adult should get 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise each week or about 60 to 80 minutes of intensive aerobic exercise a week.

What to do for strength workouts?


strength workouts

Strength workouts are one of the best ways to get healthy and keep your body in shape by targeting each muscle with dedicated training. But when you start your strength training for the first time. It would feel very hard, this might make you feel disappointed at first.

How can you get stronger? But by doing this every day, Slowly slowly you will see the difference. You will see yourself getting improved. But as you get stronger and more familiar with your exercise you will find it easier to execute every move.

Strength training is key to mobility, flexibility and improved performance. Anyone at any level of fitness can do strength workouts. And it doesn’t take hours either. We will teach you the very basics of strength training from the comfort of your home.

These are the few best exercises to build good muscles and get the best body shape.


You should not wait and start to achieve your fitness goal as soon as possible. You can search for the best gyms in your surroundings by writing on google and it will appear on maps with location contact and other vital details.

For Example:

I want to know about the best gyms in my nearby. I will write “Best Gyms in Karachi” and I will get all the nearby gym information in seconds.

1) Squat



The squat is one of the purest sets of exercise. It interacts with all your body muscles. Mainly targeting your legs and core.

2) Deadlift



Deadlifts are considered one of the best exercises to build your core strength. It helps you to achieve your goal to get stronger and lift heavyweight. It is also considered the best exercise to train the backside of your body, Mainly your glutes and hamstrings.

3) Glute Bridge


Glute Bridge targets one of the biggest muscles in your lower half. The Glutes.

4) Push-Up



Moving your body weight is considered one of the best signs of body strength. It helps you increase your weight lifting power even more.

Regular push-ups help you achieve a good body tone. It presses your upper body muscles, including your chest, shoulders and triceps.

5) Bent-Over Row


This exercise targets all the pulling muscles of your body. Including your back, shoulder and biceps.

6) Hollow-Body Hold



The hollow body workout is such an amazing exercise. It teaches you how to create tension in your total body and maintain core stability.

7) Single-Leg Moves


Single-Leg deadlift, reverse lunge or a step-up these all three exercises are sisters to each other. Whether you do single-leg moves or reverse lunges these are vital exercises to help you get a stronger core since they seek to identify the strength imbalances.

When to take rest days:

rest days

We are always told to be active, be ahead, do regular exercise, stay fit and so many other motivational things. But whether you are training for some competition or feeling motivated, going more than your limit is not always good.

You should know when to rest. Rest days are also very important as exercise days. In Fact, a successful fitness athlete isn’t complete without rest days.

Below are signs you should remember to take a rest.

1. You’re really sore.

It’s normal to get sore. Especially when you have done intense training. The soreness which comes after an intense workout is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). If you are feeling these signs, it’s recommended to take 48 hours of rest.

2. You’re dreading your workout.

You must be thinking that working out only challenges your body. But no you are wrong it also needs focus, discipline and mental fortitude and these all things are really a challenge for your brain. So if sometimes you feel like your brain is asking for a break. You should gently listen and have a rest for a day

3. You’re sick, injured, or in pain.

It’s common sense. When you are sick, injured or in pain you should avoid exercise and do some rest so your body can recover well (and of course go for medical care if it’s required). You should also get back off from any kind of exercise which is causing you significant pain.

4. You’re struggling with a skill you normally crush.

Alright, Let’s say that your usual set of burpees is 10 with ease. But now you are hardly hitting 5 burpees or you are usually running 10 miles per 10 minutes but now it’s taking more than 13 minutes and you are hardly keeping this pace. This kind of notable drop in your baseline exercise is a sign that your body really needs some rest.

5. You’re dehydrated.

Extreme exercise can get you to sweat way more than you normally do. But while doing exercise if you are feeling extremely thirsty, having dark-coloured pee and feeling low blood pressure these are all signs of dehydration.

If you’re dehydrated you shouldn’t start or continue your exercise since more sweating can only make the situation worse. It can cause some serious cases like kidney failure, slow heartbeat or even heart attack.

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