How is mobile working redefining the workplace productivity

Over the past few years, there have been some revolutionary changes in the workplace habits of both employees and employers. Modern employers now prefer quality over quantity of employees’ time. So, the employees take work at home and enjoy doing it on their mobile devices while spending quality time with their families. Similarly, modern employees have developed entrepreneurial thinking and would not mind working outside office hours to ensure completion.

The new mobile working culture has started growing owing to and supported by better internet speed, robust hosting services, and high-end digital security for safe working:

A shift towards mobile working ecosystem

The recent technical developments mainly support this paradigm shift of mentality. For example, technological developments are vital in introducing mini-sized, mobile substitutes for stationary devices like PC. So the employees don’t mind taking office work at home or even on their vacation. A study showed that as many as 61% of employees work off the workplace at some point in the time.

Upgraded smartphones facilitate heavy tasks

Today there are many sophisticated mobile devices available for office work. These devices have advanced capacities and features for a different purposes. A small, bare essential mobile phone helps in communication during commuting.

A sophisticated, full-featured mobile can help you take care of advanced jobs like creating project files and building media. This diversity is more apparent in EMEA due to the prevalence of corporate-issued mobile devices there.

Implications of new workplace habits

Here are a few significant stats highlighting the real-life implications of new workplace habits during the last few years:

  • It has also increased the number of devices maintained by an organization. A study showed that in a span of 1 year, 2014-2015, the enterprise managed devices saw an increase of 72%.
  • Sophisticated security features, functional capabilities, and enterprise-friendly attributes have made iOS the most preferred mobile platform for different verticals of the industry.
  • Dropbox and Mail ranks high in the blocked apps while the top allowed apps are Notes and PDF
  • Depending upon the functionality and convenience, the staff uses multiple devices for professional activities, and one may use up to 3 different devices.
  • Iphone OS or iOS is a mobile operating system with sophisticated features that also help in accelerating the growth

Role of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has also added to the efficiency of mobile devices in the context of enterprise tasks. Scalable services at pay as you go model have made cloud computing a preferred choice for enterprises. In 2015 the worldwide cloud computing machines reached $110 billion, a growth of 21%.

The recent security developments have encouraged even more enterprises to go for it. More than 1000 VM running in the public cloud by 17% of enterprises while the same in 2015 was 13% in 2015.

Besides, many companies also allow employees to work in real-time through their cloud-based applications hosted on the dedicated webpage in the corporate site.

Challenges to be overcome

Lack of resources and expertise is the greatest challenge faced by enterprises today in cloud computing. According to RightScale, 32% of enterprises found their resources too inadequate to handle increasing workloads in the cloud.

The latest developments in the field of technology have promoted mobile working. On the one hand, it has relieved workers from working in a specific environment. On the other, it has also helped organizations to extract maximum productivity out of their team.

These trends are transforming the way we work. It has boosted the workforce productivity and allowed businesses to increase the overall ROI of their workforce asset by facilitating anytime work where the workers can enjoy a reasonable extent of freedom to their work hours based on their schedule and commitments.

In this blog, we talked about some significant aspects and issues with the mobile working trend. We hope that readers will gain a good insight with the help of this article.

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