What to Look for in a Corporate Governance Consultant

Nowadays, board members face a lot of disputes within the company. Keeping the business on the right track is the responsibility of the board members. But due to the increasing demands of the modern world, board members can’t handle everything on their own. This is why most organizations hire a governance consultant.

Hiring a governance consulting service (click here) minimizes the occurrence of legal risks. Finding the best consultants can be a daunting task for anyone. This is why Satori Consulting inc. Canada’s leading management consulting and leadership development firm has decided to shed some light on the governance topic.

In this blog, they have highlight the qualities to look for when hiring a governance consultant. So that you can leave the job of board governance to the experts.

Factors that should influence the selection of governance consultant

Governance consultant firms are everywhere nowadays. So you should be careful about selecting the one for you. Because your company’s fate depends on it.

The more you research about the consultants, the better you become at selecting the one that suits you. Your organization may need a consultant for various reasons. So never invest before making full-on research on the qualities of the consultant.

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  1. Services offered:

The first thing to consider is the service they offer. Some consultants only focus on governance coaching (click here). While others indulge themselves directly by performing board governance.

Some may even offer all the essential services for board management. So, before you jump to conclusions, figure out why your business needs a consultant.

  1. Find out their niche:

Some firms offer governance consultants as well as many other services. But it is better to look for a service that specializes in board governance and not just as one of the services they offer.

  1. Clear organizational strategy:

For the consultancy firm to be effective, it must practice a distinct organizational strategy. When querying an agency, identify whether it follows a definite plan to make your board better. A strategy in place is always a clear indicator of professionalism.

  1. Tailored services:

No two boards are the same. That is why a good governance consultant provides tailored services to their customers.

Do not confuse this with the method of approach. If their website doesn’t say anything about tailored services, it clearly isn’t the one for you.

  1. Experience of consultants:

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In the field of board governance, experience is the key. One can only be efficient if one has experience. So when hiring a firm, inquire about the past work experiences of the individuals. Hiring an inexperienced person is like using a rookie to handle your company. It literally screams, “Bad idea!”.

  1. Scope and expertise:

Initially, you must figure out the scope of your governance process. You must list out the reasons for opting for a consultant to manage your board activities.

Now you must research the consultant firm for their past experiences and their area of expertise. If both these lists match, then you have the right fit for your board governance. If not, there are a plethora of options to consider.

  1. Consultant’s reputation:

Whenever you want to shop for a product, you refer to the customer reviews. It gives you a clearer picture of what to expect from the product. Similarly, the governance consulting firm’s reputation serves as customer reviews.

Search online for the feedback of their past projects. Opting for a well-reputed company assures that you have chosen the right fit. It also ensures that you get the coherent service advertised.

  1. Duration of the project:

The next thing to know about the firm is how long will it take to complete the reformation process. Because time is a vital component of a business’s success. So, the consultant firm must be able to make successful changes within the stipulated time.


  1. Expected participation:

Satori Board evaluations are one of the first activities a consulting firm is going to perform. To identify the problems within the organization, they need the contribution from board members.

You must make sure that your board members are ready to commit to the development process. And through what ways the communication between the board and the firm will take place.

  1. Confidentiality:

The consultant needs confidential information such as legal agreements, to perform board governance. In such cases, the consultant must maintain the security of the shared documents.

Check whether the firm has any policies to maintain confidentiality. Most firms sign a confidentiality agreement to reduce future risks.

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Hiring a professional corporate governance consulting service has become one of the easiest ways to handle internal problems. Moreover, by using a professional service, you get the knowledge of experts at an affordable rate. It offers a different perspective to identify the problems within. You can have a team of experts working for you, while you spend your time boosting productivity.

Whatever the size of your company is, Satori Consulting Inc. is here to help you. To maximize your board’s potential within a short span of time, reach them on or +1 905-319-1159 for consulting.

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