Choosing the Right Industrial Vacuum

What to Consider When Buying an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner? It seems like a straightforward purchase. But, it isn’t. So, before you invest in it, it is essential that you consider the for-and-about of the machine. No matter how hard you try, it isn’t possible to keep your home clean, spick and span. But, with a vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of it. However, as many benefits as it offers, a wrong purchase can cost you a big sum, especially for industrial vacuums.

The industries need bigger and different types of heavy-duty industrial vacuums for their cleaning. Spillrite Vacuums, have a variety of them in store for you. You can buy air-powered vacuums, explosion-proof vacuums, air-operated vacuums, and several others. These are not just reliable but worth the purchase.

Things to consider before buying an industrial vacuum cleaner

Before you make this purchase, it is essential to consider several things. No, it is not rocket science. But, it surely is a way to save ample time and money. Here are the things you must consider:

industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Purpose of Purchase

What are you buying it for? Is it for commercial or residential purposes? If residential, then is it for a car, living area, or the complete home? There are specific vacuum cleaners in various regards.

Some of them are industrial vacuums, while others serve various purposes. Once you have decided on that, you must know the types of configurations for vacuums. They come in mainly five different types. These include:

    • Upright
    • Canister
    • Robot
    • Stick
    • Handheld

Each of these has its own purpose and is used for separate areas. Choose the one that suits you best.

  • Bagged Vacuum or Bagless Vacuum

This is a quite common thing to choose from. When you are buying this machine, this is the first thing you must know.

Bagless models are quite a convenient option for many as it eliminates the hassle of purchasing bags every now and then. However, these ones need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

You need to empty the canister after a few cleanings. If you are going for this option, always ensure that you empty the dust outdoors.

Bag models are however a much cleaner option as it eliminates interaction with dust in any form. If anyone in the family has allergy issues or dust problems, it is a wise decision to buy this one.

  • Dry Vacuum or Wet Vacuum

This question mainly comes while purchasing industrial vacuums. Air-operated vacuums and air-powered vacuums are the best options to choose from. They clean up to 3 times better than the normal ones. So, if you have high incidences of spills, an air-operated vacuum can work wonders.

Furthermore, if the vacuum is getting exposed to any harmful gases, you can opt for explosion-proof vacuums. However, if you are purchasing a dry vacuum, ensure that it is not used with liquids in any form. Else, it will take no time to stop working.

  • Budget

Another one of the quintessential aspects before you make the purchase. Do not always think that an expensive vacuum cleaner is better than a cheaper one. Spending more at times will not even serve the purpose. Look for the features and the benefits the vacuum cleaner offers.

If it is within your budget, then go ahead and buy it. You can even compare the prices and ratings of different brands. This will help you in making the right decision for the products, as this is a long-term investment.

  • Type of Flooring

If you are purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your home, know the type of flooring you have. Even more, is it covered with a lot of rugs? Which style is the most suitable and comfortable for you?

Look for an answer to these questions while buying it. If you have tiles and hardwood flooring with just some rugs, then a canister vacuum is the perfect fit. Also, do not forget to take note of the suction control of the vacuum.

  • How Big is your Place?

How is this related to purchasing the vacuum cleaner? Whether it be an industrial vacuum or home vacuum cleaner, you need to see how portable it is.

There are several lightweights and cordless vacuum cleaners which can be moved around easily. This makes it easy to manage the different floor levels.

You can even purchase different vacuums if one does not fulfill the purpose. Else, option for a machine with multi-functionality.

  • Check the Filters in the Vacuum

This is another thing which must be considered, to keep the air around you clean. Many vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters and UV disinfectant technology.

This works to neutralize the bacteria and viruses around the area. These filters capture dust particles giving off cleaner air than what was sucked inside the vacuum.

Several machines also contain charcoal filtration. This plays a key role in controlling the odour and works well for places with pets. Alongside, if anyone at home has breathing problems, the vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters must be considered.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to purchase high-quality and reliable industrial vacuum cleaners, visit From air-powered / air-operated vacuums to explosion-proof vacuums, Spillrite Vacuums can provide you with the best options to choose from.

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