Guide to Organize An Online Event

How to Organize an Online Event?

Today, virtual events have become the new normal. The covid-19 pandemic forced people to stay in their vicinities away from the joys of social gatherings. Starting from corporate events, daily meetings, college fests to shows, there was an indefinite ban on all of them for a reasonable period. But at the same time, a positive shift that came up as an alternative to events that required to be physically present was the advent of online events.

The online event gave all the people worldwide to stay connected and continue doing the things that mattered. ‘Seminars’ became ‘Webinars’ and ‘Live Comedy Events’ became ‘Online Open Mics’ Check out the next few tips and tricks if you want to organize a successful online event!

  • Decide the Kind of Event That You Want to Host

Is it going to a webinar discussing government policies or a workshop on making art using epoxy resin? Or just a fun standup comedy show? You need to decide on the kind of event you want to host and then select the target audience accordingly.

  • Select Date and Timing

Event dates and timings should always be selected strategically where both the audience and the performers, panellist along the host will be available. Weekends are best suited for events in general.

  • Choose Speakers/ Participants

Once, you have decided what kind of an online event it will be like, then choose the speakers involved. This step usually takes time when one has to approach multiple people for their availability on the said date and time.

online event

If it is going to be an event of discussion, you would need numerous panellists, if it is a show, you need a performer and if it is going to be a workshop, look for a star performer.

  • Select the Platform

Multiple platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and Instagram Live are great mediums for hosting online events. One can select the forum according to their need.

  • Set Up A-Team

The next important thing which will benefit you is getting people who would help you through the whole process. Organizing a successful event needs expertise and adequate skills to promote, create and network with the best.

Having different people on board brings a different perspective to the work environment and welcomes constructive criticism. So, make sure that you get people with zeal and a direction who would help you run the process smoothly.

  • Promotions

Once all is set and done, the full focus should shift to online promotions of the event. (Coronavirus and digitalization probably go hand in hand for a reason) Platforms like Google My Business, Instagram Stories, Facebook and WhatsApp networking are genuine and most trusted ways of promotion.

All that you have to select a catchy caption and make a creative with the vital information and post it online for people to see.

  • Equipment

By the last few days of the event, make sure that you are through all the steps mentioned above. Then, have a tech-check of the types of equipment that are to be used – laptop, microphones and most importantly, a stable internet connection. All of these things should be in the best condition for everyone who will join the event.


Online events might get a bit difficult to host, but it is a cakewalk if you pan out a full-scale idea about how things will be in the process. One can also get in touch with Sync Productions who will blend in their years of experience in event planning with your requirements and make sure that you run a trouble-free event with premium features.

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