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4 Powerful Tips Which Will Help You to Understand Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is undoubtedly a popular social media platform where you can run the best influencer marketing campaigns. According to, 88.9% of influencers are using influencer marketing more in comparison to what they used to do before.

When you decide to add influencer marketing to the entire Instagram strategy, it can be the golden ticket that can help you to come across numerous customers. You can boost the recognition power of your brand and increase sales.

Around 2500 micro-influencers have found the visual platform to be an effective platform for engaging and influencing the target audience.

Consider the following tips that can help you to get more sales as well as customers.

Work with the micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are those people who have followers between 1000 to 100000 people. These are ordinary people who have managed to create a name for themselves within the industry of influencer marketing. The number of followers that they have might indeed be less but you need to know that their engagement rate is extremely high.

The reason behind this is that they are responsible for personally creating advertising posts. Most people from different parts of the world consider the micro-influencers to be the most trusted sources to get recommendations. Therefore, when you are working with the micro-influencers, you can be assured that your brand is going to come into the light.

Promote giveaways and contests

People have a love for free stuff. When you are promoting contests and giveaways, it can be an ideal way of raising brand awareness, getting website traffic, and discovering new customers.

Influencers have a certain kind of love for these partnerships as it is responsible for helping them to engage with their followers, become more influential, and also promote the accounts of various other brands.

Even if a particular customer does not win, it is obvious that he will form an emotional connection with the brand. To get real likes on your Instagram posts, you can visit stormlikes.

Give exclusive offers

If you want the customers to purchase your services or products, it is a great idea to collaborate with influencers for promoting the product.

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It is considered to be a great solution for both the brand as well as the influencers because you are going to get the best out of influencer marketing. You can give a particular promo code and offer gifts and free shipping as well.

Effective shoutouts

This kind of influencer outreach is responsible for including videos and photos from those accounts for which an influencer is shouting out.

It is a fast and ideal way of building followers as well as achieving awareness on the feed of Instagram. When you are shouting out to other users or brands so that they follow someone else, you are contributing to building relationships.


Instagram influencer marketing can be extremely effective for your business. Ensure that you are following the tips that have been mentioned above so that you get the best out of influencer marketing.

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