Microservices and Web Services: The Fundamental Difference between Both

Microservices are the new autonomous tactic towards modularization of software. They communicate through an independent process with each other and complete a task within a comparatively bigger application.

Micro services in Web Development help businesses adopt the latest technology effectively and quickly more than ever before. Web Service, on the other hand, is the service offered over the internet.

This service has been built with the help of standard internet technologies. It doesn’t require any specific programming language or operating system and works on a standardized XML messaging system.

Detailed Information about Microservices

Also named as Microservices architecture, Micro services are the software development building that builds up an application as a group of loosely fixed modules. The services can be applied in different technologies and can be deployed with each other independently.

To make it clearer, one Micro service once changed is taken into production independently so that it doesn’t affect other Microservices.

This strategy is to split big software systems into smaller parts. Micro services, moreover, help to modify a single service and deploy it to the rest of the systems independently. This further helps with a faster code deployment.

It is quick to get isolated to an individual service with a faster and easier rollback in case if an error occurs.

Detailed Information about Web Services

Web Services are the network interface that helps to expose application functionality to another application. This is the platform that provides the functionality to interact with shared applications with the help of XML messages.

Let’s make it simple! A Web Service is accessed over a network with the help of protocols like HTTP, SMTP, XML, or Jabber. On the whole, web services symbolize the evolution of principles that are guiding the internet for years. This service represents a new architectural application model.

What is the fundamental difference between both?


Microservices and Web Services, both are application architecture that develops, builds, and deploy software applications that differ in their individual development styles.

Micro services are basically the architecture that develops and builds applications as a group of loosely coupled sections. A Microservice is also noted as a lightweight “service-oriented architecture” (SOA).

On the contrary, Web Services are basically a network accessible interface that helps render one application’s functionality to another application.

Moreover, a web service application is accessed over the network with the help of protocols like XML, SMTP, HTTP, or Jabber.


Micro service architecture is a style that is fundamentally organized around individual capabilities and priorities of a business.

It modularizes software where huge systems are parted into small modules in the view to ease the process of implementation, understanding and the development of software.

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Talking about web services, they represent the latest architectural applications paradigm that is a lightweight Service Oriented Architecture.

This form of architecture identifies the web network elements that are required to check the interoperability between two different web services.


Microservices are small autonomous applications that are designed to resolve big system problems. The systems are parted into various small modules that help in understanding, implementing, and developing software.

Well, a Micro service allows you to work on each module independently, which, later on, you will be able to check and deploy.

A web service, on the other side, help applications integrate far more easily and quickly than ever. With direct interaction from one application to another through various internet protocols it reduces the cost of handling e-business.


Microservices are organized around the capabilities of businesses and moreover, can be included in web services. It can be any service delivered as an autonomous function with its own database. They can be installed independently.

A web service, on contrary, is a conceptual layer that parts the platform and specific programming language details of application codes. In its way, it represents API through HTTP and can be read through the World Wide Web.


The only fundamental difference between both- Microservices and web services– is that Micro services is the approach towards app development where a large application is developed as a set of modular services; whereas web services are the set of protocols that help different apps to connect with each other through World Wide Web.

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