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Aliexpress had celebrated its tenth anniversary from March 28 to April 1. However, sometimes it can be challenging to understand all the offers, coupons, and discounts that the store offers, all without going crazy.

Also, trying to find the best quality equipment and the juiciest discounts, so in this article, we are going to show 5 latest-generation smartphones, and we will show you how to get real discounts. How? Please read below.

Step 1. Find the best discounts

Mainly, to avoid vendors who increase prices in advance and the day of sale offer “pseudo-discounts,” we recommend you download and use the Checkout Saver extension for Google Chrome. Besides being free, it allows you to quickly check how It has changed the price of a product before making your purchase. It also informs you if you can trust the Aliexpress seller behind the product you are interested in.

Step 2. Discounts and Cashback

In addition to the discounts of the sellers themselves on AliExpress, for each purchase, you can avail aliexpress cashback from Checkout Saver ( A refund of your payment of up to 5% depending on the product ). To do this, you just have to register in the CashBack service here.

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From there, you have to enter Aliexpress and make your purchases as you usually do, that is it. It is worth mentioning that you can also activate cashback through the Google Chrome extension that we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Its operation is very simple: The stores pay cashback services such as Checkout Saver for advertising and publishing their offers. Subsequently, the users of these services receive a part of the commission in the form of cashback for making their purchases through them.

The purchase of equipment and accessories through Online Stores such as AliExpress is an excellent opportunity to buy unique devices and products for very good prices. For example, let’s compare the prices of some of the most desired smartphones at the moment.

Step 3. Shopping on AliExpress

Next, we leave you with a list of 5 latest-generation smartphones, which are among the list of the most desired equipment by the general public, devices whose prices are significantly lower if you use the Checkout Saver platform when making your purchase. Dare to try it and discover a world of possibilities in saving your money when buying in online stores.

#1 Xiaomi Mi9 SE

  • The average price of AliExpress: 345 dollars
  • Price using Checkout Saver (Discount and cashback): 325 dollars

#2 Honor 10 Lite

  • The average price of AliExpress: 180 dollars
  • Price using Checkout Saver (Discount and cashback): 168 dollars

#3 Redmi Note 7

  • The average price of AliExpress: 195 dollars
  • Price using Checkout Saver (Discount and cashback): 170 dollars

#4 Oneplus 6T

  • The average price of AliExpress: 478 dollars
  • Price using Checkout Saver (Discount and cashback): 470 dollars

#5 Xiaomi Mi8 Lite

  • The average price of AliExpress: 180 dollars
  • Price using Checkout Saver (Discount and cashback): 168 dollars

These are just some examples of what you can save by using Checkout Saver on AliExpress. However, this is our personal selection, but you can also search for other devices and equipment of your choice, you decide.

To make the service more convenient, Checkout Saver has developed a tool with these useful functionalities:

  • All shops are always at hand. You don’t have to go to the Checkout Saver website. Activate the cashback in 1 click directly on the website of the shop.
  • Receive notifications of funds added to your account, cashback status changes, and other changes to the service.
  • Be the first to learn about the most profitable promotions, magazine cashback, sales, and discounts on stores. With the cashback service from Checkout Saver, you benefit even more from your purchase.
  • Share the Checkout Saver cashback referral link with your friends and get $5 every friend your refer to!

More than 800,000 people are already using the Checkout Saver extension. Try it!

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