Questions Your California Car Accident Lawyer Can Answer

After a car accident, you may be confused, with a lot of questions on your mind. A good way to put your mind at ease is to get answers to those questions. Thankfully, a car accident lawyer in Modesto can help you answer many of these questions. They can also help you figure out how to get on the road to recovery after your accident.

Of course, getting the right answers often requires answering the right questions. Here are some topics and questions to ask that your attorney can help you answer.

Can I Sue? Do I Have a Case?

If the other driver in your accident was negligent or careless and caused your injuries, it is likely that you do have a case.

Your lawyer will use the information you provide, along with the police report and other information, to understand your accident and decide whether you have a case. They will also help you weigh the pros and cons of settling your case or suing the other driver.

Who Is Responsible for My Accident?

Sometimes the answer to this question is obvious, like when another driver hits your car.

However other times, it can be more complex, especially when one driver doesn’t own the car they were driving. For example, a driver may hit your car while driving a company-owned car. In this case, both the driver and the company may be responsible.

Some cars have multiple owners. Sometimes an owner of a car allows someone else to drive it, and the owner can be sued as well as the driver. If a car isn’t running well and it causes an accident, a car manufacturer or mechanic may be responsible.

car accident lawyer in Modesto, CA

Insurance also plays a part. In California, all vehicles must have insurance coverage of some type, such as a self-insurance certificate, a liability policy or even a cash deposit with the DMV. If the other driver doesn’t have insurance, your lawyer can help you work that into your case.

Your car accident lawyer in Modesto can help you figure out who can be sued for your car accident. That way, you can be sure to make your claim against everyone who could be responsible for your injuries.

Can I Make the Claim Without an Attorney?

The insurance company will have highly trained insurance adjusters and attorneys on their side. Many are skilled at getting accident victims who don’t have a lawyer to sign away rights or to settle for less than what they deserve. Without a lawyer, you are less likely to be able to fight for yourself against them or the things they say.

Also, hiring a lawyer can help you handle a lot of problems. For example, if you file the claim yourself, you will have to get the police report, get insurance policies, get your medical records and get car damage repaired. You will need to figure out how to pay your medical expenses or lost wages and understand the insurance company’s offer.

All of this must be done before a lawsuit is even filed. Having a lawyer on your side can make this process much easier.

Paying Medical Expenses

A lawyer can help answer questions about how you will pay your medical bills before your case settles or goes to trial. Your lawyer understands how different insurance companies — yours and the other driver’s — talk to each other, what each one should pay and when. After an accident, your insurance may be able to give you more financial help that you didn’t even know you could get.

Your lawyer can also answer questions about getting your doctor to wait for payment until after your case.

The Value of Your Claim

You probably have questions about what your claim is worth or how much you can expect to get if your case went all the way to trial.

car accident lawyer in Modesto
Should I get a lawyer for an accident that was my fault?

Your car accident lawyer in Modesto has experience with negotiating, settling, and bringing car accident cases to court. This means they can give you an idea of what the insurance company might offer you to settle your case and what a jury might award you if you take your case to trial.

Should I Go to Trial?

The decision to settle your case or go to trial is a big one that almost every accident victim has to make. There is often no right or wrong answer because every situation is different.

Your decision will be based on the answers you get from your car accident lawyer in Modesto. Your attorney will be able to describe the good and bad in both options (settling or going to trial). They can explain the risks involved in these options, taking into account your personal situation.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

Every state, including California, has its own deadlines to file a lawsuit. In California, the deadline to file a lawsuit for car accidents is two years, but certain details may make that time period shorter.

Your lawyer can answer your questions about how long you have to file your case. No matter what your state’s laws are, one thing is almost always true: If you don’t meet the deadline, you might not ever get to bring your lawsuit.

How Do I Find a Qualified Accident Attorney?

There are a lot of ways to find a qualified attorney. Many people ask friends or family what lawyers were helpful in their case.

Many websites let you enter information about your case and then connect you with a qualified car accident attorney in your area. Local bar associations may also point you to reputable lawyers.


Once you narrow down your choices, it is usually a good idea to have an in-person meeting with each lawyer to see how you feel about them. Make sure to bring all your questions to the meeting so you can get them answered in person.

Car accidents can be complex, and it is normal to have a lot of questions. Your attorney is not just there to argue for you, but also to give advice — to answer questions that are on your mind. Your car accident lawyer can help answer both questions you have right after your accident and questions that arise days, weeks or months later.

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