What can be done to prevent birds nesting in commercial areas?

Pigeons, gulls, and sparrows are among the many birds that wreak havoc on industrial and commercial settings. Pest birds are ubiquitous in the industry, and they are a well-known problem. They inflict property and infrastructural damage, as well as difficulties with workplace health and safety and bio-security. Companies are frequently looking for a way to stop birds from nesting. As this is the first step in the pest bird problem in industrial and commercial settings. Typical bird nesting control tactics (netting, bird spikes, etc.) are frequently impractical and/or ineffective.

What can be done for Bird Nesting Control in commercial areas?

Using a variety of bird deterrent measures and a secure bird management plan. The goal is to create an unappealing environment.

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Three key steps make up a bird nesting control management programmer for preventing birds from nesting.

  • Cleaning and evaluations

Assessing the environment to detect openings and good nesting areas should be the first clear and competent bird management plan. Identifying your local nesting season and beginning to remove nests. Before that time is the most ethical strategy to remove bird nests.

  • Management of the Environment

It’s vital to remove bird-attractive characteristics to avoid a recurrence of the problem. Food is the most common element; birds are attracted to areas where food is easily accessible, so place bins in public areas and prevent bird feeding both inside and outside your domain. Food litter and spills should be effectively handled on a regular basis at sites that are prone to them.

  • Selecting a Bird Nesting Control Device

Choosing a bird nesting control tool might be difficult, however two tools that have been demonstrated to function well in industrial and commercial settings are:

  1. Acoustic (bio-acoustic) bird control systems establish a danger zone for birds by emitting alarms, distress cries, and birds of prey calls. This method is incredibly cost-effective, and it can be quickly installed in high-risk regions for pest birds.
  2. Bird nesting Control Group’s AVIX Autonomic laser bird deterrent has demonstrated to be effective in suppressing birds in commercial and industrial settings. The technology emits a green laser beam that moves along a pre-programmed area specific to the application.
  3. Birds see the moving projection of the laser beam as a physical threat, and they flee the area quickly. The laser bird deterrent is a silent, self-contained technology that requires little maintenance.

Bird-X-Peller, based in Australia, is a Bird Control Group partner (manufacturer of the laser bird deterrent). They offers a variety of bird nesting control solutions, including the two described above, to reduce bird presence in commercial and industrial settings. Bird-X-Peller Australia and New Zealand has expert bird control experience and can assist clients on how to discourage birds from breeding in their unique applications.

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Please contact Bird-X-Peller for more information on the laser bird deterrent and other bird nesting control solutions available in your area.

Expert advice that will keep your bugs at bay

Do you want a long-term strategy to getting rid of pesky birds? Continue reading to learn about our easy yet powerful strategies that will undoubtedly assist you!

Even if you can’t find a bin but have trash to dispose of, there is a simple way. Put a plastic carrier bag in your handbag and fill it with trash when you have it. Throw it away when you find the nearest bin. It may seem obvious, yet the difference will astound you.

  • Visual Deterrents

Birds react to a stimulus differently than humans do. They have binocular vision, which means they can only focus on one thing at a time. Some of the most common deterrents include Decoy Birds of Prey, Hawk Kites, and Reflective Tape.

  • Audible Deterrents

Because a bird’s hearing is extremely sensitive, spanning from 1 kHz to 4 kHz. It’s critical that the devices utilized reach this frequency range. Birds have excellent sound recognition, allowing them to recognize predators’ pitch and tone.

  • Install Devices

For effective bird nesting control, get a low-cost, easy-to-use solution that produces big results. Pigeon spikes, pigeon netting, and anti-roost wires are some of the most popular products, and variety of other services. Expert suggest that you get these installed to ensure that you are successful in repelling these vexing pests.

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