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Barn Doors – Great Ideas for Space Management

An introduction to door guides for barn doors

With the ‘small is big’ movement storming apartments all over the world, barn doors are catching the fancy of homeowners. With their contemporary designs and functionality, barn doors are really effective when it comes to partitioning open spaces. Installation is not a problem and they are versatile when it comes to size, colour, and door style. It gives you the impression of a moving wall when a large space has to be divided into two.

How do barn doors work?

Barn doors operate through a barn door track, a piece of hardware that holds it in place. There are wheels that roll when the door is opened or shut. With the sliding glass wall mounted barn door there is no encroachment of your floor space. If security is your prime concern, entry locks can be incorporated into your barn-door. The hangers of the flat track hold the door in place.

glass barn door
sliding glass barn door

Such doors come with a solid steel barn door track which is extremely durable. They can bear weights of up to 400 pounds and maintenance is not a problem with them. While selecting the #barndoors make sure that the hardware quality, doorknobs, entry locks, and other features are compared so that you select the best.

What do I need to know before installing barn doors?

There are some points to be considered before installing barn doors. They are:

1. Adequate space 

Barndoors need enough space to slide open. Therefore, there has to be sufficient wall space which should be equal to the width of the door. Additionally, there should be no light switches, windows, or artwork that hinders this movement.

2. Width of the door

The width of the barn-doors has to be greater than the door opening. The track should be twice the width of the door. Check out Larnec Transportable doors Solutions, easy and quick to install.

3. Structural support

As barn doors are heavy, weighing more than 200 pounds in most cases, the track is mounted on a header. There are wall studs above the doorway to which these headers are attached.

How can I ensure the better functioning of my barn door?

To ensure barn doors function well, you need the right accessories. You can make a huge difference to your door with the right wall-mounted ‘C’ guide and ‘T’ guide.

The C guide is attached to the bottom of the door and can be seen from the front. The T guide is invisible as it is placed at the bottom of the door with a routed out channel.

An adjustable wheel in the wall-mounted option ensures that there is no rubbing on the door face. The space between the flange and the wheel can be adjusted between 7/8″ to 2-3/8″.

There are floor mounted guides that resemble shark fins. There is a routed out channel at the bottom of the door. You can also attach the floor-mounted guide to the bottom of the door and with the channel being routed at the floor.

Where can I get the best deals for installing barn doors?

When it comes to installing barn doors, always choose a reputed manufacturer. KN Crowder has been in the business of door hardware for over 65 years and the quality of its engineering and durability has stood the test of time.

Crowder sliding doors are the top choice for barn doors for the construction industry and they provide product instruction sheets and installation videos to ensure that there are no hassles for the customer. For the best deals in sliding barn-doors, KN Crowder tracks and hardware is an perfect choice for you!

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