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About the Artisan Home Made Rugs and Their Imperfections

Introduction to Artisan Rugs

In the commercial production world, where manufacturing is just a massive process for producing the finished good, slight differences are also considered flaws. On the contrary, the products made from machines execute the same work with “perfection” at exceptionally fast speeds and a fraction of the cost compared to handmade products.

But when it comes to handmade artisan rugs, these machine-made carpets or rugs lack that emotional touch and connection that we may feel by even a single touch. There is obviously something in the artisan home rugs created by the love and dedication of artisans.

Even the imperfections in these beautifully crafted handmade rugs add a character in it that positively influenced its aesthetic appeal and even monetary value of the artisan home rugs. So, here in this article, we are here to help you know everything about these home-made artisan rugs, and are the imperfections considered the flaws?

Artisan Home Rugs Allows You With a Personal Touch in Rugs:

Artisan home rugs come with a unique unrepeated character that typically arises from the man making the process of hand-tying every single rug knot.

The complete process of rug weaving is done by the hands of the diligent craftsmen, from raising the sheep for wool to refining silk, by shaving and transforming the fibres.

That’s why the handmade carpet and rugs are something that differentiates them from machine-made rugs and is treated as a piece of artwork instead of something to protect your floors.

home-made artisan rugs

Sometimes there are possibilities to see the work of many different weavers in a single rug or carpet. There are even chances that you often find edges or patterns in the carpet that are not straight or a colour variation at an odd place in the designs of a particular rug.

These are the qualities that the artisan home rugs adorn and allow us with the personal touch of handweaving of the carpets.

Imperfections in The Rugs:

Some of the most enchanting and attractive beauty of rugs and carpets worldwide have tears, rips, or colour defects and faded colours. Some of the most sophisticated and charming rugs are so old and ancient that only faint black layouts are left with intricate designs.

This eternal, timeless beauty finds a way flawlessly to decor or home furnishing style allowing a luxurious and engaging look as people can only visualize and create the stories of these handmade rugs.

They relish that personal touch these handmade rugs provide to the interior spaces. As made by the hands of craftsmen, these ageless beauties might have imperfections or defects, but for sure, they are an investment as they become old, and they can even be heir loomed.

After getting old, some people might think of repairing these rugs, but that depends totally on the purpose of the rugs or carpets. Also, it might depend on the condition of the rug and whether there is a need to preserve it for the future.

The rug imperfections, damage, and torn condition of the carpet are all chunks of its story. Sometimes, you might feel the way that each carpet could tell their own stories. What was going on that day when the stain occurred?

How many times were these carpets packed and moved as the tribe travelled from their winter to summer grazing lands?

How was this carpet protected so well at this age? These are all the questions that occur in the mind when you see imperfection in the rug. In all such cases, we are just left with our own imagination for the answers!

We must say in the world of rugs, old and ancient rug imperfections are not all the times a bad thing. These are the chunks of the rug’s history and how they are made with a unique crafting story of their own.

They add value to the rug allowing a quirky personality or unique feature that only age can do. So, to enhance your look and give a story to your living spaces, these handmade artisan home rugs are perfect that signifies a beautiful story to your living spaces and enables a captivating classy look.

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