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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring for Your Home

You may have been considering replacing your home flooring soon, so you know just how stressful the decision to finally pull the trigger can be on a new, beautiful floor. There is no shortage of options to choose from – choices that include the likes of carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, polished concrete, and others.

One of the most ambitious home renovations projects you’ll ever tackle during the lifetime journey of homeownership will be replacing your floors, so it’s important to get it right the first time around. Many people today are opting for vinyl plank flooring as their go-to option for the perfect, new floor.

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Why Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring for Your Home?

This really comes as no surprise given that there are many benefits associated with installing vinyl plank flooring in your home. Here’s a list of the top 5 most important reasons why you should consider the switch to vinyl plank floors today.

It’s Gorgeous

Vinyl plank flooring is known to be one of the most beautiful flooring options available on the market today. Vinyl plank flooring has come a long way in recent years in the astounding amounts of designs and patterns that are available to the buyer for purchase.

Vinyl plank flooring can mimic and resemble many other flooring options that include hardwood and tile, as in most cases it is specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of hardwood flooring without having any of the downsides that hardwood floors often succumb to.

You may also be redesigning the room in which you’re changing the floors, so having the ability to choose from different, textured, and styled planks comes as a great benefit when having to deal with the annoying color clash. This is great because it gives you room to change your interior design to fit whatever style you deem necessary for any season or occasion of the year.

Like its hardwood counterpart, vinyl flooring comes in various textures from smooth to something resembling a hand-scraped, sanded feel. You can add a lot of character to your home simply by purchasing and installing vinyl planking that has awesome designs that include various geometric patterns, swirls, and textures.

Totally Waterproof

This is probably the number one reason why vinyl planks are the preferred flooring method for homeowners today. You may be a proud new parent of a puppy or two who aren’t potty trained just yet, or you may be a generally clumsy person who tends to spill their drinks often. Luckily with vinyl floors, you won’t have to worry about any damage that may occur from a spilled drink.

waterproof vinyl plank flooring
Waterproof Vinyl Plank Floors

The reality is that water and other liquids can cause serious damage to hardwood flooring as well as carpet. While hardwood floors may be polished to resist water, the polish will wear off with time which leaves the floor vulnerable to absorbing water, which in turn will damage the floor making you pay hefty out-of-pocket costs for repair or replacement.

Carpet is a complete mess when it comes to pets and spilled drinks. The carpet and the layers underneath will absorb all the moisture, and even if you get your carpet professionally steam cleaned, it will be hard to get rid of the mold and mildew buildup without having to tear off your carpet and start from scratch which can take weeks or even months to replace.

With vinyl planks, all you have to do if your four-legged friends happen to urinate on the floor or you accidentally spill a drink is to take a mop bucket or paper towel and wipe it up and the mess is gone for good, with no residual after-effects that are so commonly found with other flooring types.

Very Resilient

Besides being almost completely waterproof, vinyl plank floors are also very resilient in their inherent nature to withstand daily wear and tear. When your pets or children run around your home, you will no longer have to worry about scratches or a torn and worn out carpet.

 flooring material for homes with kids
vinyl surfaces are safe for children

Gone are the days where you have to worry about repositioning your sofas or other furnishings and have to scratch your hardwood floors. The resistance of your vinyl plank floor will be heavily dependent on the price and quality that you decide to purchase, but no matter which option you got with, so long as you stick with vinyl planks you won’t have to worry about scratches.

Improved Air Quality

Carpet is infamously known to trap an incredible amount of dust, dirt, animal dander, pollen, and other undesirable particulates underneath its multiple layers of flooring. This is why those who tend to suffer from chronic allergies and other physical ailments gravitate towards the improvement in air quality that vinyl floors have to offer.

With vinyl plank flooring, your house will stay smelling fresh and clean all the time, and your family and visiting friends will thank you for it since they won’t have to worry about any unwanted allergic reactions or sinus issues that they would have to deal with had you had a different type of floor.

Easy to Install

One of the other fantastic benefits that you get by purchasing such flooring is the fact that it is super easy to install all by yourself. Most vinyl panels are sold in packed units of several at a time and are installed by using their built-in click and lock mechanism.

You’ll need a very small set of tools to properly install your new flooring option is a rubber mallet kit that is inexpensive and can be readily purchased online and shipped to your doorstep within days.

The smaller edge and corner pieces of flooring you may also want to consider getting yourself some floating floor glue to ensure that those corner pieces don’t unlock at the edges of the room.

Aside from that, the only additional tool you may also need is a miter or jigsaw to cut the vinyl planks to appropriate dimensions such that you can properly complete the installation.

Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’ve been window shopping for a new flooring solution, then you’ll know exactly how pricey a new flooring installation may actually run you. Vinyl plank flooring can easily cost you anywhere between $1.50 – $3.00 per square foot, but that cost pays for itself with time due to the fact that you may never have to replace your floor ever again given its level of resilience.

While vinyl plank floors may not be the cheapest flooring option, it is still the right choice. Don’t forget that new vinyl floors will also help boost the value of your home in the event you were looking to sell your home at some point in your homeownership journey.

Final Recap

It’s not at all surprising that vinyl plank floors are a great floor replacement option for most homeowners today. The floors are as gorgeous as they are strong and sturdy given that they are available in a variety of designs, types, and styles, all the while being scratch resistant and waterproof.

They also provide for an improvement in-home air quality and are super easy to install, and give back to the homeowner in more ways than one while maximizing bang for your hard earned buck.

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