5 Impressive Things People Do for their Wedding in Toronto

Weddings are a huge occasion in a couple’s life. It is a happy occasion for their friends and family too. Many choose to keep it simple and some like to make it extravagant. There is a lot of planning that begins after an engagement and requires serious talks with caterers, florists and what not. But the basic thing is that all couples want their wedding to look good and be a joyous occasion. In order to do this, many couples have used different techniques.

Some get a bouncy house for guests to jump on or hold a boozy wedding ceremony on the beach. It depends on what you want to do for your wedding. But here are some things that people do for their wedding, which are quite impressive and stand apart.

1. Getting creative with food

A lot of couples for traditional buffet spreads for food at their wedding. this is usually available in the reception. However, some have also served up carnival food in their reception to shake things up. So instead of a starter, main and dessert, you have fried cakes, cotton candy, popcorn and hotdogs.

One could also think about an interactive food station where guests can choose their ingredients – like a live pasta counter or making their own grilled cheese.

For dessert, you could opt to set up a sweet station with candy, a chocolate fountain, and loads of different candy options. Some couples have gone for a casual clambake at a beach wedding too. A pre-wedding latte is also not a bad idea.

2. Transport for the wedding party in style

There are huge groups of people at a wedding and transporting them between venues can be quite a task. Among all these groups, the wedding party is the most important.

No event can begin if the whole group doesn’t arrive together. In order to transport the whole party, couples opt for limousine service.

Many have used Toronto limousine and driven to the venue together. The limos look stylish and make a statement as you arrive in a posh car.

Moreover, it has the capacity to hold many. There are bars inside these Toronto limousines as well and you can make toasts to the venue as well.

3. Games and entertainment during the reception to keep up the fun

Weddings are no longer boring events where you just watch the bride and groom take vows, eat dinner, get drunk and leave. No. Couples today are opting for fewer people at their wedding but more fun.

Some choose to involve guests in games and entertainment. One couple opted to get an aerial dance troupe to entertain guests and one even got a skating rink for their guests to glide on.

Yes, getting a skating rink at your venue, even during summers is possible. You could add private dancers and a firework show too.

Gems that can be used in groups are also a favourite for close-knit weddings. Think Jenga or ring toss. You could play giant checkers with blankets and then let guests take them as favours as well.

4. Choosing an unusual venue

So many couples these days are opting for unusual venues. Some have gone underwater, some took vows on a net set high between two rocks, some chose a hot air balloon.

Getting an impressive venue is the thing these days. Of course, a beach wedding or a garden wedding still have their charm, but there is nothing quite like something new.

You can go in between and choose to have a wedding on the water by chartering the right boat.

5. Unique gifts and favours

Favours offered by couples can be unique. Earlier people used to give sweets and the like. But today you can go for sunglasses for a beach wedding or a hangover help kit to your guests.

These are quite useful, and guests get to remember you. For gifts, a couple asked everyone to donate to their favourite charity, instead of giving them something. Thoughtful requests like these are not be ignored by guests either.

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