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5 Best Indoor Gifting Plants To Wish A Healthy Life To Your Loved Ones

Are you bored of giving the same old traditional gifts like a flower bouquet or photo frame to your family, friends, and other dearest? If yes, then stop here to know about the best indoor gifting plants that you can give to your closed ones to wish them a healthy life on their special occasions.

Plants last for a long time, and it makes your loved ones remember you when they see them. These indoor pots only need little care, fresh water, sunlight, and lots of love to survive, and they also acquire a small space in your home.

Day by day, plants are becoming people’s first choice whenever they have to wish their nearer with a gift. People took this seriously and adopted this new way of gifting with ease. Flowers growing sectors have enough contribution in water waste and chemical waste, and this is also the reason why people go with plants when they have to give something to someone on their special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, appreciation, etc.

5 Best Indoor Gifting Plants for Your Loved Ones

If you are convinced that plants are one-stop gifting material, then you must explore the below list of household plants that are perfect for giving your dear ones to wish their special days or moments with a message to lead a healthy life.

1. Ficus Bonsai Plant

The Ficus Bonsai plants are the symbol of knowledge and leadership qualities. Ficus Bonsai are small-sized plants that are planted in a very small pot but look like an old and branched tree.

It does not acquire more space in your home; you can fit it in your bedroom, living room, or the place wherever you want. That’s the reason why the Ficus Bonsai plant is ideal for gifting.

bonsai plant

There are many nurseries and online plant delivery platforms that offer you a large collection of Ficus Bonsai plants. You can explore their catalogs and place an order to send a wish to your caring people.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo is the most attention-grabbing plant that you can give to your dearest on their special occasion for wishing them. Lucky bamboo is also considered a lucky plant.

bamboo indoor gifting plants

In this plant, the soil is not mandatory, and you will only need a water bowl to plant it. People prefer to keep a portable bamboo plant in their homes as it sits pretty anywhere in a small area. If you need to attend a special event, the Lucky bamboo plant would be the best gift item to greet people.

People also considered a bamboo plant with more than nine stalks to represent good fortune and prosperity in life, which is another reason why this is ideal for giving your dearest.

3. Snake Plant

Snake plant is one of the most popular gifting ideas to go for without keeping a second thought in your mind. It purifies the air during the day as well as at night and filters the toxicants from the room air.

snake plants

Snake plant boosts the mental health of individuals, and it is very effective in allergies as well. According to the Vastu and Feng Shui, people also state that it absorbs all the negative energy of the place, which makes this plant ideal for gifting anyone wishing them a healthy life.

4. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is another all-time favorite indoor pot that people are choosing for wishing their dearest. It is considered a sign of good friendship, growth, and prosperity in many Asian countries of the world.

jade indoor gifting plants

The Jade plant got the name jade as its leaves look like jade stone. This plant comes from the succulent plant family. It is very easy to maintain and care for this jade plant. Once a week, you have to water this plant, and also it requires indirect sunlight.

Jade Plant is also considered money-attracting plants, the same as money plant, which is the reason why it is perfect for gifting your friends, family, and others.

5. Succulents

The last but most important gift option to wish for a healthy life is succulent plants that fit in a dry environment as they store water on their leaves, roots, and stems. It also symbolizes friendship and patience is the reason why people are adopting these succulent plants as a quick gift option.

Succulents indoor gifting plants

There are many types of succulent indoor plants available in nurseries and online plant shops, such as Aloe-Vera, Arena, Coastal Stonecrop, Ballerina Flower, Baby Toes, Christmas Cactus, Crown of Thorns, etc. You can buy one or many as per your choice from a nearby nursery or from an online plant shop to wish your beloved their special moments.

Wrapping up

Gifting plants recently came into a trend because it is one of the best gifting ideas to wish your friend, family members, colleagues, or other individuals to have a healthy and longer life.

You can order these healthy indoor gifting plants online to give your close ones because it is the best time to replace those old traditions with these beautiful and alive gifting options. You can buy these small yet beautiful indoor gifting plants pots that are rich in favoring luck by regulating the room air quality and other health benefits.

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