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12 Interior Design Styles for Small House

Every house is different, and so is its vibe. The different vibe you get at a house is primarily because of how the house is designed and decorated. The interior design styles for small house matter a lot as it is about comfort, nostalgia, and memories. Interior designing is the art of designing the looks for a specific room or a house. This design includes interior design hacks for the color of the walls, the kind of furniture, the drapes, and other accessories.

The trend of designing your house for a specific theme is raging, and there are a lot of them to try.
So, how do you style a small house? Well, there are so many interior design ideas that you can try. This article will tell you about the different interior designs and styles that you can try, even for smaller homes.

Interior Design Styles for Small House

Since there are so many components to take care of, many people wonder if the idea of interior designing works for small houses or do smaller houses need it. Well, in the end, it’s all about the personal choice of the person living in that house.

However, small house interior design can provide various purposes. Below are a few reasons why small houses need interior designing:

  • It creates more space.
  • It gives structure to everything.
  • It can help make the house look cleaner.

12 Interior Design Styles Ideal for Smaller Homes

There are so many ways to design and decorate a small house. You can choose from different interior design styles that are mentioned below:

1. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

If you are looking for a peaceful vibe at your house, you need to try the Scandinavian style of interior design. This design style reflects a laid-back attitude. Moreover, a Scandinavian interior design style will use a muted color scheme where only one or two things will be of loud color.

Scandinavian interior style
In this type of design, the flashy colors are ignored. The furniture used is also very minimalist yet very chic. The Scandinavian design style is more about comfort and cozy appeal. Since the whole idea is bringing forward the laid-back attitude, you can have small and simple furniture making a small house spacious.

2. Eclectic Interior Design Style

The Eclectic style of interior design is quite different from other styles. There is no specific theme that you can follow for trying eclectic interiors. It is a blend of different interior styles. Every piece of craft used in this interior style is based on a mix-and-match ideology.

Eclectic style
However, the important part here is that the fusion of different styles needs to be balanced. In an eclectic interior style, the colors are mostly neutral, with statement objects to enhance the look. Add a touch of trendy furniture, and you are good to go. It is great for small houses as you can work with objects as per the space available.

3. Mid-century Modern Interior Design

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style emphasizes the easy-going kind of decor that is vibrant with a hint of color. The aesthetics are chosen as a combination of natural and manmade materials. The flooring and the furniture will mostly be wood.

While the color scheme will be muted tones. To make it perfect, it is best to go with the retro color look with the infusion of nature in your interiors. These additions make a small house comfortable to live in.

4. Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior designs are great for small houses as the whole theme is muted. The furniture and fixtures are set into the wall and have clean lines making the space look airy and spacious. Only essential furniture is used with limited artwork so that the place does not feel stuffy.

contemporary styles
Since there are mostly pastel colors in contemporary interior designs, it helps in making the house look bigger than it is. The clean lines also accentuate the place to look more open.

5. Japandi Interior Design

Japandi interior design style is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design that works like magic. Both Japanese and Scandinavian designs focus on neutral colors and simple yet attractive elements as part of their designs. Even if bright colors are considered, they should not be too overwhelming.

The clean look of the Japanese designs and the comfort feature of the Scandinavian design is perfect for smaller houses to give them an airy and sleek feel. This makes the space seem bigger than it might be.

6. Modern Farmhouse Interior

The farmhouse interior style is impeccable to give that earthy feel. Giving it a modern design interior twist can work wonders for a small space. The open living concept does not make the space constricted. Also, trying out the sleek lighting and softer tones makes a small house airier.

modern farm house interioro
The modern interior designs are perfect for a small house as they can make it feel welcoming and cozy with the use of texture layering. Keeping the windows large helps to bring more light in, and it lights up the space.

7. Victorian House Interior Design Style

Another style that works amazingly in a small space is the Victorian house interior design style. From the warm lighting to the rich color tones, everything little detail reflects elegance when designed cautiously.

Victorian house interior style
It is best not to overdo the Victorian design style as it can then make the house look crowded. Look for Victorian furniture but choose the ones that are not too heavy so that a perfect balance can be maintained without making the space look small.

8. Bohemian Interior Design Styles

To put it in simple terms, the Bohemian style of Interior design celebrates the artistic side of multiple interior design styles. It gives out a free-spirited and easy going vibe throughout the house.

Bohemian style interior
Since it is a mix of different styles, you will find traces of Scandinavian style, eclectic style, and modern design interior style along with nomadic vibes. From statement objects to simple lighting and heavy furniture, everything works in a Bohemian interior style.

9. Transitional Interior Design Styles

If your house is small, but you neither want to with traditional or contemporary designs, then transitional interior design is the best style that you can opt for. It will have the regal feel of traditional interior designs and the modern and airy feel of contemporary interiors.

You can mix a whole lot of different complementing colors to make the space stand out. It is best to keep either the wall color or the furniture in neutral shades so that the room does not feel crowded.

10. Coastal Interior Design Styles

Coastal interior design is great for people who love feeling beachy vibes. To achieve that, you can try and incorporate complementary shades that resemble the coast. You can go with white and beige or white and blue to mimic the natural aura of the coast.

coastal interior style
You can also get furniture made of natural materials to make the beach look more aesthetic. Pairing that with indoor plants can help to elevate the whole coastal interior.

11. Minimalist Interior Design Styles

As the name suggests, minimalist interior design needs furniture and other decors to the very minimum. You can achieve this by going with white and other neutral and muted tones for the walls, couches, and also flooring.

minimalist interior styles
The best way to have a minimalist interior is by having light furniture and minimum other accessories to give a very neat and clean look. This will also help the small house look airy and spacious.

12. French Country Interior Design Styles

Going with French Country Design is a great idea for a small house as it can help in the utilization of space in a good way. Every decor in this style of interior needs to look sophisticated with hints of sleek and grandeur.

French country interior styles
Having large french windows with balconies can make quite a difference in the overall calm and serene vibe of any small house.


It is not easy to create the perfect decor for a house, especially a small house. To make the process easier, you need to have a clear picture of what style of interior design you are looking for. The best thing is that you can always mix and match at your convenience.

However, at the same time, it is also important to ensure that you do not put a lot of elements with different vibes together. This can backfire, making the place look shabby. Subscribe to our website today for more interesting topics like interior design styles for small homes.

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