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When deciding which pay stubs maker you are going to use to create the pay stubs you will give to your employee, it can be difficult to know where to start. Deciding between the thousands of payroll products available can be an overwhelming situation, leading to stress and unnecessary costs.

Not all businesses are aware of what is required when first setting up a payroll system and therefore make the mistake of thinking that they need an expensive system. Payroll software creators will offer you the world to ensure that they receive your business, which, when you are new to payroll, can seem like the best thing to do.

We are here to explain why an expensive payroll software system is unnecessary and what your alternatives are to save money.

Payroll Systems

Payroll systems are created to allow you to store and file information regarding each pay period of an employee. This is an easy way to have all of the data within one system to easily refer back to. You will be able to enter all of the information for the employee, pay period, hours, and income to see which deductions that should be made for each employee.

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The main benefit of a payroll system is that it does not require you to enter the employee’s information each pay period in order to generate the paystub. However, for the amount of time it will save you, is the cost of a payroll system worth this time-saving?

For some businesses, this will depend on if the person completing payroll is experienced enough in payroll to not need the automated system that the software offers. If you have a payroll officer who is proficient enough to identify any areas of concern or risk when creating paystubs, then we do not feel that payroll software is a necessity.

Pay Stub Creators

Our favored option for payroll is to use a third-party pay stubs maker to generate the pay stub without the additional cost of payroll software and is The website is extremely easy to use. You simply enter the same information as you would enter into the payroll software to generate the pay stub.

The only difference between the two is that will not store the information you have entered about each employee. This means you will need to re-enter the individual employee information each pay period to generate the pay stub. However, for the amount of time that this will take, we find the reduced cost worth the additional work.

Although you cannot save the information for the next pay period, you are given the option to save the generated pay stub before printing it. This is excellent in the event of the employee querying any of the information on their pay stub or if they lose their copy and need an additional one.

Overall, we prefer the simplicity of over a payroll software system and find the website easier and cheaper to use.

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