Who Like Playing Games More- Men or Women

Have you ever thought about who like playing games more – men or women? It will not be wise to say a particular gender likes gaming more based on some numbers. Because we cannot say that one gender likes it more than the other. Many think that games are something that men enjoy more and women not so much. Earlier, women would be relegated to tasks at home like managing the kitchen, sewing etc. while men would venture out. And this is how even for games, outdoor games, men began playing them first. So, when tournaments were organised, it was for men initially. But later, with changes women’s sports also became mainstream.

The world of video gaming has seen a rise in users. There are more players who are willing to play games and participate in tournaments. The world of gaming is getting highly competitive with more people signing up and e-sports finally getting more recognition. There are coaches who are making careers out of video games and earning a decent living. Games even have team finder service so that you can play with others virtually.

Studies show that more women play video games than teen boys. Female gamers have been considered as a minority since the 1900s, but the survey shows that with time, there has been a lesser disparity between men and women playing games. The female gamers have been underrepresented and video gaming has been largely stereotyped as being a man’s domain. This is very evident in a simple experiment. Think about the word gamer, chances are you will imagine a man or a boy playing in front of a screen. Doesn’t this show that the stereotype exists that only men love playing video games?

But the truth is different, there are women who love video games as well. A study conducted by a reputed group in 2019, in the United States of America, found that almost 46% of players were women in the field of video gaming. So, women do have a significant presence in the world of gaming. But only 6% of women actually identify as gamers compared to 15% men identifying themselves as gamers. Sometimes they are known as “girl gamers” but this is considered a negative name as it means the woman is below the age of 30.

Not only that, but the characters in video games are largely male and not many role models exist for women gamers. So, for the question who like playing games more, the answer is that both do. But the gaming field is definitely different for women. Here are some facts that show how different men and women in terms of video gaming.

  • Women tend to like games that have in-game communication along with interpersonal relationships. Men prefer action and combat games.
  • Mobile games are popular among both genders whereas men use the PC more and lesser women play on the PC. This difference is the same for console usage as well.
  • Men and women both like strategy games. There are more men core gamers than women, but their behaviour is quite similar.
  • The ownership of peripherals is something that is different between men and women, More men have the latest peripherals like a gaming mouse, headsets and keyboards. But again, this difference is minimal as women aren’t too far behind.

Although the number of women players has been growing, the number of women game developers is still dismally low at 21%. But the good news is that change is coming. The popular game Lara Croft has seen a change in its protagonist. She is no longer the buxom character in teeny shorts, but a fearsome and crafty survivor.The change is taking place, slowly and surely. In the coming days, I am sure we will see more women players competing professionally and rising in video gaming.

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