What Is a Roots Blower?

The Roots Blower is an excellent tool for root control. It is used by professional gardeners and homeowners alike for many reasons. There are many different kinds on the market, all offering different levels of power, reliability, efficiency, and performance levels. If you need to know how to use one, keep reading to learn more about this device.

How does a Roots Blower work?

This roots type blower is simply a positive displacement pump that works by pumping a liquid with a series of meshed lobes closely resembling a group of stretched gears. The liquid is trapped within these lobes and then conveyed from the intake port to the outlet.

The motor that drives this device is generally an electric motor but can also be operated by a solar panel or a small diesel engine. A centrifugal force is created which helps to drive the liquid along the pipes.

Different sized Roots blowers will operate at different efficiencies. These devices may have as few as four rotors or as many as ten rotors. Some may have as many as twenty blades, while others may have as few as twelve blades. The number of blades will depend upon the size of your lawn and its overall complexity.

One of the most popular Roots blowers is the fifteen-inch long rotary brush. This unit comes in both gas and electric models and is known for its exceptional performance.

You can operate the rotors on either side; the gas model runs the blades in clockwise and anticlockwise motion, while the electric model runs in a circular motion.

Either model is very efficient and depending on the size of your lawn, you may find that the smaller rotors are sufficient to do the job.

Universal RAI blowers are heavy-duty blowers. Image Credit – PPI Pumps

Another model of the Roots blower that is used on a number of farms and ranches across the world is the negative displacement supercharger. This model makes use of a turbocharger to increase the pressure of the air.

With increased pressure comes increased speed and with increased speed comes improved mowing and watering efficiency. In a nutshell, Roots blowers work by increasing the speed of the rotating parts.

Roots blowers are usually mounted on a farm tractor or an electric vehicle. They are usually driven by a separate motor with two rotors. The one on the front of the unit is usually a larger rotary fan which creates the airflow, while the one on the back of the unit is called the scissor blade. Two screws on the side of the unit allow it to be secured to the tractor. This allows the user to control the direction and speed of the rotors.

What are roots blower used for

The purpose of Roots blowers is to increase the stream-line effect of the operation. An increase in stream-line means that there is an improvement in the overall efficiency of the machine.

This means that the machine operates more quickly and is more economical overall, as well. These devices are also useful in landscaping and digging up old ditches. They can even be used to extract water from old wells.

A Root blower can be as simple or as complicated as the user wishes. Some models may have only two rotors, while others may have four. Some models are made of metal, while others may be wood.

The amount of electricity needed may also depend on whether the motor is run off of a battery or if it is run off of electricity supplied by the utility company. Depending on the application, a user may find that a small but powerful Roots blower is the best option.

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