Top UI UX Design Trends To Follow

Every tech capital is bringing the newest advancements in User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) in designs for better user experience, accessibility, inclusivity, to pose brand’s strengths and visual assets, etc. The pandemic afforded web designers time to reassess what were the trends of 2021 and use algorithms to predict what UI UX design trends will be in 2022.

Analyzing the future helps to improve the advancements of the web design industry to better customer experience. At Consumer Sketch, to provide world-class web design services to global clients, we conducted exclusive analytics to identify the upcoming trends to improve ourselves and make our clients more knowledgeable.

What are UI UX Design Trends?

Though UX UI designers work closely together but are quite distinctive to each other owing to their development process and various aspects around it.

User Experience (UX) design is not about visuals but about the feel of experience between; used to improve the quality of interaction between customers and every aspect of a company. In spite of being in cognitive science theory for decades, this became predominantly in trends in digital industries in recent years.

Being a digital practice, User Interface (UI) works on buttons, icons, typography, spacing, colour scheme, and responsive design to create an intuitive experience so that users don’t have to think much while using it. It makes the design aesthetically pleasing and coherent by juxtaposing the brand’s strengths and visual assets to the product interface.

7 User Interface (UI) Design Trends in 2022


  1. Dark Mode:  According to Android authority reports, 82% of users use dark themes in their apps. Why? Because it’s classy, modern, and makes the user experience better. This mode makes eyes less sore and dry and doesn’t reduce melatonin suppression which causes a negative impact on sleep if users use phones before going to bed. The dark mode with the help of OLED saves battery life.
  2. 3D design & animation: With recent gadgets’ 3D hardware interaction, 3D animation can make your experience more aesthetically pleasing and exciting without any excessive transition or loading to display new elements on the screen. Examples are Codepen, ROAM Luggage, etc.
  3. Neumorphism: It’s a futuristic UI design that combines background colors, shapes, gradients, shadows to evolve graphic intensity with the help of flat design and skeuomorphism.
  4. Advanced micro-interaction: From Instagram’s ‘Like’ option to Twitter’s ‘Retweet’, every UI/UX design company is using micro-interaction; and it’s heading towards a more intuitive experience by using venture and touch control.
  5. Bold typography: Popular brands like Nike, Drift, Dropbox use bold typography to attract the attention of users. Bigger and bolder is the latest trend in typography as it stands out from the rest and demands attention. This proactive approach is here to stay for long.
  6. Smooth gradients: The trend of the smooth gradient is here to stay as industry giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple are using them in their logos of Gmail, Doc, Google Workspace, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Mac OS Big Sur respectively.
  7. Prepare apps for larger screens: Google has incorporated an updated material design so that all google apps can adapt to various sizes of screens of devices.

7 User Experience (UX) Design Trends in 2022

  1. Inclusive design: It’s not something new but it should be in trend now and ever. Accessibility means you are able to connect people with disabilities, special needs, coming from various socio-cultural backgrounds, races, classes, creeds, gender, age. Including emojis of all ages, races, gender, professions are the beginning of this trend.
  2. AR & VR expanding into B2B: This allows employees to work virtually from anywhere making new businesses embrace permanent remote AR and VR-based virtual events. Examples are the IKEA furniture app or new gaming apps.
  3. Metaverse: Social media app giant Facebook brought metaverse in 2021 by launching VR remote app, Horizon Workroom App also uses Oculus Quest 2 Headsets to host meetings as avatar versions of themselves. Metaverse basically helps to connect with various environments, devices, and persons with the help of VR machines.
  4. The death of clubhouse: Clubhouse is an audio-only app, UI UX design services should look into incorporative audio-only content in their design in 2022.
  5. Accessibility: According to surveys tech companies are getting 10 lawsuits per business day for not providing accessibility in their products and services. In 2022, a UI UX design company should provide contrasting colors (dark text against a light background and vice versa), allowing the increase of font size and style according to the user’s wishes, providing captions for videos and images, etc.
  6. Localization in UX and content: Trade barriers and trade wars are splitting the market in 2022, companies will have to provide localized user experience and content to users. Apps should allow customization of the dashboard, notification, checkout methods, payment methods, add-to-cart options for different users of various locals. For example, users in the west prefer mail addresses to sign-up while in the Asian market users prefer mobile numbers to sign-up.
  7. Synchronization across devices: User Sync is another must UX UX design for users on the go for fast productivity and usefulness. By synchronizing user data across all platforms and devices, users can access them without sticking to a particular device. Google Chrome’s cross-platform feature is an example of this as you can access any opened current tab on nay synchronized devices.


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