Things Worth Knowing About Tequila

Some Facts About Tequila Drinks

This #Tequila drink has been mostly known as the shots-only party drink, which is largely consumed worldwide. As time went by, this liquid has had an image transformation. It is now considered to be a beverage that you should take your time with- rather than taking a shot and get drunk.

However, some things should be known about tequila that many people do not know. Here are some of the questions that are frequently asked by tequila lovers.

Where did it come from?

Its roots date back to thousand years ago when the Aztecs first made a drink from flowers and then used the knowledge they had at the time to distillate the beverage and then ferment it. They considered it as a sacred liquid that was only consumed during ceremonies or other rites.

Tequila Mexico
Tequila is a distilled spirit made from blue Agave and produced only in five areas of Mexico.

It came from the flowers that were located in Mexico. Centuries later, when the Spanish army came to this territory, they ran out of brandy and wanted to experiment and find a new drink.

They heard about the agave sap and quickly used their knowledge of distillation and fermentation, and that is how the popular tequila started its journey.

Eventually, as time went by, they built distilleries in Mexico, a town called Tequila, where they started to produce vast amounts of tequila.

If you want to read more into this, be sure to check out the following link https://dailyhive.com/seattle/facts-in-honor-of-national-tequila-day-volcan-tequila for more information regarding this topic.

How is it actually made?

This liquid is distilled primarily from the juices of the agave plants called Blue Weber. The process is prolonged because these plants are maturing very slowly. It can take them from six to twelve years to develop properly. It mostly depends on where the farm is located.

If it is located somewhere in the highlands, it can take them twelve years. Only skilled harvesters know when to harvest the plants because they need to know when is the best time to cut the heart of the plant- known as the piña. The heart is so massive that it can weigh up to thirty-five kilograms.

agave plant
Agave tequilana commonly called blue agave (agave Azul)

After harvesting, they are taking it to the oven to be baked or steamed, allowing them to ferment the juices from the heart. After being put into a fermentation tank, the distillation process comes into play two to three times, which results in the first batch known as the silver tequila.

The thing about this drink is that as they age, it is harder to mix them with other alcohols to create a cocktail. The more they age, the better the quality gets. If you want to read more, click on this link.

Does this drink have its own Goddess?

For the tribe that lived a thousand years ago, the Aztecs, the plant agave was very sacred. They used it for a variety of things, from rooftops to clothing.

It was so important to them that they decided to dedicate a goddess to that plant called Mayahuel. The mythology of this tribe says that this goddess bore four hundred rabbits known as the Canton Tonochtin.

How many types are there?

There are mostly two categories of tequila that can be later divided into different styles. One category contains one-hundred percent of Blue Agave, and the other one includes fifty-one percent Blue Agave.

The most known styles are known as Blanco, reposado, anejo, and extra anejo. The Blanco or the silver tequila is the first batch, and everyone has tried this drink as it is the least time-consuming (age process is two months).

The other kids need to age a bit longer, some from one year, and it can take them up to three years. It depends on what the producers want.


If you want to know more specifically about the producers that made this liquid, then you should know the nom number. Now you may ask yourself, what is a NOM number? It is a unique four-digit code that is located in the back of every bottle of tequila.


This code provides the ability to learn more about the producers of the beverage, to get to know how they made it, which ingredients they used, the history of the company, etc. If you are into regulations and stuff like that, you should check out the nom number for more information.

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