The important decisions to make while choosing Asian wedding venue

The wedding day is one of the most special days and an important day for a couple getting married. Marriage is the name given to the occasion when an engaged couple decides to strengthen their relationship and settle down.

A wedding ceremony is a symbol of celebration in which the groom and bride are accompanied by their loving family and friends. The couple plans their big day many months after deciding on a particular date and making all the necessary arrangements.

The bride and groom exchange vows on their wedding which is basically making a promise to love, respect, and care for each other for the rest of their lives.

Wedding ceremonies take place all over the world but are different due to religious, traditional and cultural values. The weddings in the West are quite simple as compared to Asian weddings particularly

Muslim, Sikh and Hindu marriages where festivities continue for two, three days. Asian weddings are known to be an extravagant, colorful and vibrant event where people are full of joy and happiness.

There is a lot of religious and cultural sentiment in Muslim, Hindu and Sikh weddings. The event signifies religious customs which is evident in the way a particular theme is carried out.

But gradually Asian weddings are becoming more modern with merging some of the western trends to add a certain flavor to the occasion. The three most popular Asian weddings are

  • Muslim weddings very much follow the Islamic way of marriage which consists of a marriage contract called ‘Nikah’. The wedding day is quite modest as there are no lavish decorations and displays of sparkling jewelry as compared to Hindu or Sikh weddings. The bride wears a colorful traditional dress while the groom adorns a ‘Sherwani
  • Sikh weddings are very vibrant, dazzling, and full of energy. The wedding takes place in a Gurdwara where every person wears a bright Punjabi dress and expensive jewelry. A reception is also held where guests are served delicious food and drinks.
  • Hindu weddings are quite similar to the Sikh wedding as they are very lavish and stylish. There is much emphasis given on costly outfits, music, and dance. The decorations are quite up superior with the use of flowers and lights. According to the florist from Lamour et Fleurs flowers are must when it comes to choosing to match bride’s personality with groom’s personality.

As there are so many arrangements to be made at Asian weddings, it is better to hire services of wedding planners who will be responsible to handle venue booking, implementing a wedding theme, catering, music arrangement, and parking.

The first thing that the newly engaged couple must do after finalizing the wedding date is making a list of the guests who will come to the event.

The second and most significant step is knowing about the budget as weddings done in big venues with many guests are quite expensive.

The wedding planners are the professionals who will help you select the best venues for your wedding and making all the arrangements within the given budget. Some tips to make your wedding a memorable day are

  • Choosing a brilliant theme which matches the personality of the bride and groom. There are many options such as romantic, vintage, casual garden party, and modern theme. Every theme makes use of flowers, lights, wall art, balloons, and design of tables/chairs and cutlery.
  • You must know about the budget constraints and number of guest in setting a particular tone and adding some more features such as fireworks display, a procession of dancers and musicians.
  • Providing quality food is just as you want your guests to remember the event. Traditional and continental cuisines should be served with soft or natural drinks.

Some of the most favored venues for Asian weddings consists of

  • Outdoor venues which are beautiful gardens and parks with serene surroundings
  • Stately homes provide a charming countryside setting
  • Luxury hotel rooms if the couple wants a more extravagant event
  • Banqueting halls are very popular as the couple gets all the fine arrangements under one roof.

Asian weddings are a fantastic way to display your religious and cultural traditions and inspire people. The most important thing to consider is the location of the venue and availability of car parking as you want the guest to easily find the venue and face no delays in parking their cars.

The best and more modern way is to send the location map along with the invites so that guests can locate the venue using the internet.

A couple should visit the venue few times after booking so that they can get correct every little detail which is needed for a successful event.

The couple getting married should also make appropriate catering preparations if the venue does not offer it. Music systems should be checked as songs are the focus of many Asian weddings especially Hindu and Sikh weddings.

Miss Elizabeth Brown has worked in several companies as a wedding planner. She is currently doing freelance work by helping newly engaged couples to plan their wedding event.

She also lets people know all about party halls for hire in Luton. A young couple who are thinking to get married can contact her on Facebook and Twitter.

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